Dove uniforms? there must be a cheaper way!

  1. So my school requires Dove brand uniforms, which are ridiculously priced (150$ for pants, a shirt, and a coat) and they are required, but there must be a cheaper way out there! i mean, a rip off brand that looks exactly like it, or something at least...i haven't had any luck on ebay, craigslist, etc...for 2 main reasons, i live in a small area, and the colors are white and hunter not very popular there either....

    but has anyone found any good "rip off" brands of Dove apparel? something they REALLY wouldn't notice, they are VERY particular and i'm just worried about the price....
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  3. by   cobee
    Has your school been using Dove for a while? You can ask if they have donated uniforms from former students. I bought two sets of uniforms (the jacket wasn't required), but I've worn a different brand of pants to clinical before when I couldn't find my Dove pants and nobody noticed.
  4. by   Robublind
    Yeah they are expensive but they will last the two years plus. I would see if there are donations. I agree you can get away with off brand pants, just make sure the colors are the same.
  5. by   pink_shoes99
    We used Dove too..and I hated them! They are good quality but it felt like I was wearing wool scrubs because they are so thick. A few of the girls snuck and got Cherokees and our instructor never noticed.
  6. by   brillohead
    Wow, y'all are making me glad for my $15 Swan Fundamentals!!!