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I've had it. My feet hate me. After another long day in the OR they are ready to sue for divorce. I need some new shoes!! This time I'm prepared to spend some money to get a really decent... Read More

  1. by   Hoozdo
    Quote from DoGood2u
    Has anyone tried Birkenstock nursing shoes???
    After investing lots of dollars, Birkenstock are my favorites. I love the Tatami brand under Birkenstock also.

    Danskos made me trip and fall my very first day as a nurse! I never wore them again......I have the wooden blocks opinion on them.

    I wear Crocs at home. They don't have enough arch support for me to wear to work for a 12+ hour shift.
  2. by   bluetack
    I would love to wear Crocs but my facility has banned them also. I have some New Balance walking shoes that I absolutely love, wouldn't wear anything else!
  3. by   Lolo37
    I would have to say Danskos for me. I have three pairs. I have no arch in both feet and the Dansko retailer where I bought them from advised me on which style was best suited for my feet and I have worked as long as some 16 hours days and my feet or legs didn't bother me. I have a bad knee as well and Dansko have helped.
  4. by   celery
    I swear by new balance:stone
  5. by   ORSmurf
    I've been searching for the best shoes for several years and have tried many - Dansko, Crocs, Birki's, Klogs, Keen... and I have finally found the magic shoe for me - Mephisto Allrounder! I work in the O.R. and am on my feet all day. So far, these are the best I've found. They are pricey - but worth it for me. They are also very fun looking :spin:
  6. by   wan2banrseNms
    I too am a Merrell lover!! They are the most comfy shoes. Even my MIL who has very flat feet swears by them, and they are the only shoes I put on my son.
    Here is a link for the Topo Moc Pro that was mentioned In a prior post:
  7. by   katfoster
    Quote from KK92RN
    crocs have the holes in the top of them so you have to be careful of body fluid spills or needles. my hospital actually is not going to allow them anymore
    Mens crochs do not have the holes. They fit just as good.
  8. by   2bprettynurse23
    i think crocs are the best shoes i have.
  9. by   EmmaG
    Quote from ana tomy
    Crocs,Dawgs,clogs were banned at our hospital.You won't be covered by Workman's compensation if you injure yourself .Everyone used to wear them.
    Well then they can pay me WC for a strained back, stressed knees and plantar fascitis...

    If they want to dictate the type of shoe I can wear, they can purchase it for me. Otherwise, I'm protecting my feet, legs and back.
  10. by   deacn
    Love my Crocs I work 12 hour shifts in them.
  11. by   sunneeRN
    I feel like a clumsy fool in my dansko's. (great description by the other poster about walking on wooden blocks!) At the end of the shift, my arches and the top of my feet hurt so bad, i want to toss them in the river. i've tried wearing them several times because they were so expensive, but i had to admit defeat and give them to one of the nurses that loves them. I have a pair of K Swiss that I really like, however a lot of the nurses swear by those nike shocks (not sure if I spelled that right) Good Luck!
  12. by   GeauxNursing
    our company has released policy changes forbidding us to wear Crocs, due to the popularity of the ones with holes in the front. The simple solution? Get the closed-toe variety! But no, none of the styles have a closed-back. The heel strap does not count. I am so angry! Have to go out searching for new shoes...grrr..
  13. by   widenernurse09
    Quote from KK92RN
    crocs have the holes in the top of them so you have to be careful of body fluid spills or needles. my hospital actually is not going to allow them anymore

    For those fellow crocks lovers...they do make crocks now with no holes in the top:spin: