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deacn has 31 years experience and specializes in L&D,NICU,PP,Nursery.

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  1. Best shoes ever?

    Love my Crocs:yelclap: I work 12 hour shifts in them.
  2. Mature Nurses over 50

    Yes, I have, but I don't have a BSN, so it's pretty much impossible to do that around here.
  3. Mature Nurses over 50

    I'm 50 and currently work on a postpartum unit, 12 hour shifts. I'm pretty burned out and would like to change careers.
  4. Postpartum Report Sheets

    Anyone have a great report sheet for organizing the day? I need a jump-start for complete burn-out. I can't seem to keep up the pace anymore. I work on a mother/baby/antepartum unit and have 4-5 adults plus their babies for a 12 hour shift. Alot ...
  5. My poor co-worker!

    I agree with all the above replys. I had the same sit., but was pulled to cardiac step-down where there was only 1 other nurse on for 25 patients. I was expected to take half the floor. I refused and was sent home without pay for 3 days by the DON...