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ORSmurf specializes in GI, OR, Oncology.

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  1. ORSmurf

    OCN Review advice please!

    I appreciate all the good information here. I'll be taking the OCN exam in Nov. and am pretty nervous!
  2. ORSmurf

    Please share nurse to pt ratio

    That's awesome! Do you work in-patient or out-patient?
  3. ORSmurf

    outpatient chemo infusion clinic Rn pay rate

    Hi Rosey, I think it might depend on whether the clinic is connected with a hospital. I work in an outpatient clinic that is part of a hospital, so the pay scale is the same. Good luck on your interview!
  4. ORSmurf

    How much is your pay?

    I live in Northern California and work in an outpatient specialty clinic with no nights, weekends or holidays. I'm an ADN RN with 3 years experience and make 37.35/hr.
  5. ORSmurf

    I am giving up

    Big hugs to you Mystic Fish. I am so sorry to hear about your situation. You are in good company, my friend. Good for you for recognizing when enough is enough. God bless you and much luck in your next endeavor. I hope you can take some time off - you deserve a nice long vacation! I hope your next employer appreciates all you bring to the job. Take good care, Christine
  6. ORSmurf

    New Oncology Nurse

    Congratulations Soneshine!! I started at an outpatient cancer center about 4 months ago. I've also only been an RN for a little over 2 years (8 years as an LVN) and most of my career has been in the OR. It was a huge change, to say the least. You already got what I think is the best advice - take your time and look up meds! It's easy to feel rushed and it's so important to know what you're giving. I hate to make people wait, but I'm sure they'd rather wait than to have a mistake made. It's toxic stuff we're working with. Don't cut corners - protect yourself and your patient. It's such an honor to work with this population - I love the patients and am blessed with the most supportive co-workers. I hope you are as well. Best of luck to you! Christine
  7. ORSmurf

    Chemo Check!

    I work at an outpatient cancer center and we always check the chemo, with 2 chemo RN's, for each patient all at once when the phamramcy delivers it. We also double check the pump settings each time a new chemo is hung.
  8. ORSmurf

    From OR to...

    I've worked in the OR for about 10 years - 8 years as an LVN/Scrub, then 2 years as an RN/Circulator. I love the OR, but was feeling restless and in need of a change. I left the hospital OR for an outpatient OR job to escape the call (I HATED being on call). I still felt the need for more of change, and 2 months ago I took a job back at the hospital in an outpatient cancer center. I administer chemotherapy (I had to take a class, of course), work 10 hour shifts, no nights, no weekends or holidays and no call. The heaviest thing I carry is an IV bag. In the OR, there were days I felt beat up by the end of the day from carrying and moving heavy equipment, etc.. It was a very difficult transition for me, but I'm glad I stuck it out because I love it now. Some days I miss the OR very much and wonder if I've made the right choice. Most days I'm really happy with the decision - I love the patients and was lucky to find a very supportive group of people to work with.
  9. ORSmurf

    Just To Say "hello"

    Congratulations and best of luck to you!!
  10. ORSmurf

    staff pay rates in the bay area?

    You could call the HR department where you want to work and ask them what their pay scale is for per diem and for FT FN's. Then you could sort of figure out what they might offer you. Good luck!
  11. ORSmurf

    Chico/Paradise Area

    Hello! It's a very nice area and I think the cost of living is in line with the rest of California (much better than in the Bay Area). I've lived in Northern California for about 15 years now. There are 3 hospitals in the area and you can go look at the website for each one: Feather River Hospital in Paradise, Enloe Hospital in Chico, and Oroville Hospital in Oroville. I worked at Feather River Hospital and can tell you it's a wonderful place to work! Best of luck to you, Christine
  12. ORSmurf

    What are the first signs of burnout?

    When after you've taken time off (like a week or two) and you still dread going back to work. When you find yourself crying and depressed about work on a regular basis. When you almost get in a car accident on the way to work and instead of being relieved for the near miss, you almost wish you had been in the accident in order to get out of work!
  13. I totally know what you are saying! You really should do whatever you have to in order to take care of yourself. Whether you go per diem, quit and go some place else - do sometihng! I quit my hospital job a few months ago (full time with great benefits) and took a per diem job at a Surgery Center. It was a very scary move for me, but has turned out better than I ever imagined. I work the days I want, take as much time off as I need and have been able to feel human again. You deserve a happy, healty work environment. Best of luck to you!!!
  14. ORSmurf

    A Quick OR Question:

    Where I work, you either work OR, PACU or PreOp. There isn't a rotation or anything, you work one place or the other.
  15. ORSmurf

    Outpatient Surgery Center

    Hey - thanks for responding. Congrats on nearing the end of your nursing program! Good luck to you as well :)
  16. ORSmurf

    So, why Oncology?

    Still no responses?? I was curious about that as well. Hopefully someone will share :) Christine