Best nursing shoes???

  1. My feet kill at the end of the day....
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  3. by   tugirl12
    I have danskos and love them. I wore them while I was pregnant and my feet never hurt which says a lot.
  4. by   Glycerine82
    Make sure you don't have a foot issue. I have high arches and found out I need orthotics due to it. All my weight goes to he front I my foot. Personally all the nursing shoes hurt me I happen to like sneakers. K Swiss are comfy or new balance. Stay away from mesh, they offer no protection against bodily fluids lol

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  5. by   MegslB
    Danskos! Or really good running shoes. I was in a bad car accident, so I have a bad back. But both these shoes help me stay comfortable throughout the day
  6. by   Racer15
    I wore a pair of Reeboks designed for people that work on their feet while I was in school. Now that I'm an RN working 12 hour shifts, I wear my trusty Adidas sneakers that I've had for a few years, but I think I'm going to get a new pair soon. My feet never hurt, but I also worked a job prior to nursing school where I was on my feet 8+ hours a day, so I'm used to being on my feet. Danskos just look uncomfortable to me, and I also have no arch issues, so I stick with sneakers.
  7. by   sandi1743
    I love my Danskos! I had nursemates and they were killing my feet halfway though the med-surg rotation. My danskos have been a dream!
  8. by   cas15
    Spend the money on Danskos! It is well worth it! I have high arches and it is really tough for me to find a comfortable pair of shoes...they are a dream!
  9. by   LadyFree28
    I've had spring step, nurse mates, K-Swiss, Skechers, until I have found my TOP nursing shoes...Danskos! Especially the closed heel...less ankle rolling, and I find them very comfortable for long hours, and the usual "spills" of nursing care, if you know what I mean...if I am in a sneaker mood, Nikes, adidas, or Saucony do the trick...though right now I am REALLY partial to my Danskos!
  10. by   RN403
    Thanks everyone! Looks like I'll be trying Danskos..