Nursing schools in Texas?


Hi so I am a student from California who finished 3 years of college. I've been applying for a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing for the past 2 cycles and I've been rejected from all the schools I've apply to (all in California) so now I'm trying to expand my search since I feel like I'm wasting my time as a newly switched Health Science major student.

I was wondering if anyone could recommend to me schools to look into in Texas, particularly in either Dallas, Houston, or Austin.

These are the stats for the pre-requisites for Californian schools (i don't know if it's the same for schools in Texas):

My science GPA (anatomy & physiology I and II, microbiology, chem): 3.15

My non science GPA (english, communication, psychology, philosophy, statistics): 3.48

Current overall GPA: 3.59

TEAS: 86.7

HESI: 86.7


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Thanks for replying meanmaryjean, but how will the online factor of Western Governors University work with clinicals?


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Good news- There are plenty of schools you could apply to in Texas! I'm more familiar with Houston since this is where I live and attend school. UTHealth (accelerated), Texas Women's, & Prairie View are BSN programs located in the medical center in Houston.

ADN programs in Houston- San Jacinto College, Lonestar college, Houston Community College.

San Antonio- UTHSC

Austin- ACC/ Texas State round rock campus

Texas A&M round rock campus

I'm not sure of the schools in the Dallas area. These are all programs I know of. I will say that the accelerated programs are pretty competitive, but I got in, so you can too!


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Alvin Community College is in the Houston area--one of the most respected ADN programs in the Houston healthcare community!


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Do you know what kind of grades do students who get into those BSN programs? I'm worried that I won't qualify.

Also I've been doing a little research and there are a couple courses that I haven't taken, like Texas Government, which I can't take in California. Is that going to be an issue?


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I don't know if it will be more worth it to apply for an ADN program, since I would have to relocate all the way from California.

What do you all think?


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Most of the programs are pretty competitive, especially the accelerated programs. Not sure about all schools, but just to give you an idea- UTHealth had 1100 applicants and they selected 120 for the semester I started. With that being said, it wouldn't hurt to try. I didn't have the best overall GPA. I believe 3.3 overall, 3.5 prereq, & 4.0 science. I tried to make up for my overall GPA with the Hesi though, so I studied and made a 96. I didn't get in the 1st time I applied, but I did the second round! Most people I know who were accepted had around an 85 on the HESI.

If you're not in a rush, I would recommend retaking the Hesi and maybe a science class or two if you can make As in them. Totally optional, but I know some people who do it.

Also, if you're relocating for it, I would go for a BSN.

As far as the differences in classes, you would most likely have to speak with the registrars office at whatever school you apply to prior to applying. I know some schools will accept other classes if the syllabi closely align. Maybe search around this forum to get more details on that. I'm sure there are others who have run into the same problem.


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Thank you @AHawkins!

Another question for you, so I'm new to the HESI and I only took it because I was apply to Oklahoma City University, which I didn't get into fall 2018 because there was a bunch of GEs they required that I had not done.

Would I have to take the HESI again using whichever school I'm apply to's department ID?


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No, you wouldn't have to! I know some people who took it for one school and used it at another! You just have to send the school your Hesi transcripts. I believe it's done via the evolve website.

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You are required to have Texas History to get a degree in Texas; it depends on the program whether you have to have it before you start, but most nursing programs want all your GEs finished prior to starting the nursing portion.