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Hello all!

I am currently enrolled at a community college and there are so many rumours and rumblings about the fate of the nursing school I'm not sure if I want to continue here. This is my first semester and I'm taking 3 prereqs and the college english required in the RN program.

I originally talked to the school advisor about the LPN program (planning on later doing LPN to RN at the same school) but she talked me out of it, saying it was a waste of time.

She didn't tell me that the nursing school may shut down and she didn't tell me that they are *very* discriminate about admissions to Nursing, so even though my GPA is nearly 4.0 I hear it may take me a couple of semesters to even get in. Sure I can take A&P and Psych, those general sorts of classes but obviously the nursing classes have to be taken sequencially and it will be 2 years for me from WHENEVER I get accepted to the program.. I wasn't told it could take three or FOUR years to get an RN Associates at this community college, or I'd have just gone for a BSN somewhere. That said, I can't afford to sit home and study for 4 years :-)

I haven't talked to any nursing advisors yet because my past history sucks, I got pregnant in high school and dropped out, 10 years ago. I did complete a GED but I really wanted excellent grades in my prereqs to speak for me and I won't have those actual grades until May.

So I'm on the fence about further attendance at my current school and I'm hoping someone here can recommend a good LPN or 2 year RN program to me in or around (northern) Allegheny county, Pennsylvania.

My mom is a successful Nurse Practitioner but she had a perfect scholastic history her whole life so she's no help !

Any input would be really appreciated! Thanks!

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I got your PM and you should be getting one back.

Talk to you later!


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Hi Coppertop -- I sent ya a PM. :)


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Heya Coppertop,

I am currently going to CCAC for my ADN and BSN. we have alot of good schools near us. CCAC has a good nursing program for both RN and LPN. I am a non traditional student myself and the reason i have been going so long is because i had to get alot of my pre reqs out of the way. It was tough but I did get it done. I have seen alot of people try and talk others out of going to school, but that mainly seems like they can make sure they or someone they know will get a seat. I hope you decide what you want to do, weither it is being a nurse or not, but dont let anyone else make that decision for you. good luck and best wishes.



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i was told the same thing as far as LPn program. I applied to CCAC, and yesterday when I called to get more info on LPN classes and pre-reqs. I was told that they program is being reworked and they took my name and phone number. I was alsot old it's a certificate program. Is this where you are attending?

Needless to say I am looking for other LPN programs in the area. I live in Tarentum, and everyone says UPMC St. Margaret and Lenape School of practical nursing so I am trying to get numbers to check them put instead.

I was very disappointed since I called,applied and filled out for financial aid before I moved to the area a month ago. Bummer!


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i hear that St Margaret @ UPMC has an LPN course as well as Lenape Tech. I am going to check them both out.


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I am going to ccac too- South campus does not have a LPN program I don't think any of the campuses do- I heard there was one somewhere in Washington County- I'll ask my friend if she still has the info on it.

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