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I am starting my BSN program this fall. It's a 3 year program, with summers off.

I have the opportunity to take a nursing assistant position at a local hospital. It's a PT postition (20 hrs a week), and it's on midnights, so it wouldn't effect my school schedule.

The thing is, I am married with 2 small kids (3 and 1), so it's not like I can just sleep whenever I want/need to. Part of me says it's only part time, and that's do-able. I am lucky in that I don't *need* to work. I'm mostly interested for the experience (though the money is admittedly nice).

Do you work during school? Have you worked opposite shifts like this? What does a 20 hr work week look like for you? (1-12 hr and 1-8 hr? Or a several 4 or 5 hour shifts? I just have no idea what to expect.)

What would you do?

Thank you all for the feedback! It's really helpful. My intent here was to hear from people who had BTDT, or for people to point out things that I might not be thinking about. Those of you who provided that, thank you.

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Accept the position. The RN program is not nearly as hard as some people make it out to be *in my opinion* and you can always quit the job if it is too much and explain to your employer that you took on too much responsibility. I don't know of many nursing students (ADN or BSN) who do not work.

Be disciplined and you can succeed!

It is doable, I do it now. I work nights only on weekends, total of 23 hours/wk so it really doesn't interfere with school during the week. Able to even get homework done during my shifts (an agreement with my supervisor). I have an almost 1 y/o daughter, a boyfriend, house to keep, friends and family to maintain, etc. I get mostly A's and a sprinkling of a B here and there, currently have a 3.7 GPA, Dean's List every semester. Stressful , but doable.

Are the days already set or can the hours be moved around so that you can work some of them during the week and then some during the weekend? 20 hours isn't too bad. Will your support system be able to help with the children and house work so you will still have time to sleep and study? Good luck to you!

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You're going to need to have a frank discussion with your hubby about expectations. I work full time (3 12's) and am in a bridge program. We're scraping by with hubby being a SAHD. He and the kids (15, 13, 12, and 5) know that when Mommy's in school, all I do is laundry and grocery shopping. I help out with homework and kid control as much as I'm able, but between work and school I have something going on 7 days a week.

It's doable, but can be difficult just so far as feeling stretched too thin. Unless your spouse has the patience and understanding of a saint, there's going to be friction from time to sure to make him feel appreciated for all he's doing to support you.

I think it's a good idea to get your foot in the door with as difficult as it cn be to find a job after school, so even if you decide not to do so now keep it on the table as an eventual necessity.

Take the job. Hospital aides are a billion times more likely to be hired in a RN slot than a new grad off the street. Hospitals hire from within as much as possible.

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