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Nursing School Supplies/Resources?


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Hello all, I’m preparing to start my first semester of nursing school on May 4th and I’m trying to get together all of the supplies that I would need for lecture/clinicals. I wanted to consult with you all and make sure I have all the tools in order to succeed in school! As far as supplies, so far I have the following: nursing clipboard, nursing scissors, 2 penlights (one bright white & one warm yellow for pupils), Littman Classic III stethoscope, USB flash drive, medical terminology pamphlet, nurse bag (to take to clinicals) & a backback for lectures, 2 pairs of scrubs. Is there anything I left out?

Also, what would be some useful web resources to use alongside lectures & books? (ex: Youtube channels, websites with monthly subscription that you use as extra learning tools for more complex courses, websites to practice NCLEX style questions, etc). Any input is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

looks like you're well prepared! if you want to get ahead, I would start reviewing pathos for common conditions and meds as well 🙂 CONGRATS!

I've read through that many people found the Saunders Comprehensive Review helpful when studying for their class exams. Haven't started nursing school so can't testify to whether I've found it helpful.

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Compression socks! Also I used UWorld and it greatly helped.

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Interestingly enough, Kahn Academy has great videos, such as on EKGs, takes you through all the different pathways that cause all the arrhythmias.  Lots of health related short topics.

Hands down, RegisteredNurseRN on Youtube is the best free supplemental resource I have made use of throughout all of nursing school. Her mnemonics are amazing helpful and she even has free quizzes on her website for after you watch the videos.