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  1. Emerald99

    Baylor FastBacc 2020

    Hi previous FB student here. CONGRATS to all that got accepted! You won’t regret it. 🙂I have supplies(way less than the school charges) if anyone is interested!
  2. Emerald99

    UTMB vs Baylor FastBacc

    Hey, CONGRATS on your acceptance! I’m a current FB student 3 weeks from grad. It’s a great experience but definitely not easy. You have to be able to prioritize and time manage well but it’s all worth it. Graduating from Baylor definitely distinguishes you (not to bash on other schools) and the FB program and its grads are especially well recognized among hospitals. Also, you’ll be more than prepared for the NCLEX with the way Baylor teaches! You learn A LOT, the profs actually care about you(& your mental health), and FB passing rate is phenomenal(you can find the % online). If you do end up choosing Baylor, I can have supplies I can sell to you for the low! CONGRATS again!! 🙂