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Nursing School Students...Is It Hard?


I've been accepted into the 2009 fall program of my school. I've been reading some threads on here and I'm starting to get anxious about not only passing each course but getting good grades.

Are the classes really difficult? Are there a lot of fellow classmates who drop out of fail out?

tfleuter, BSN, RN

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Congrats on the acceptance! I'm still in pre-nursing, so I can't say how difficult the classes are, but from what I hear they are tough! For the school I want to get into, I believe student retention is pretty good, many who start the program finish it and go on to pass the NCLEX. I think this might be b/c the program is fairly difficult to get into, so if you know how to work hard and study effectively enough to have a high GPA in your pre-reqs, you will still have those same skills for your nursing classes as well.

That's just it! All my school required to get in was the NET. I honestly don't think being good at math and reading comprehension is a good indicator of how well you'll do in nursing program.

My fear is that I have been out of school for over 10 years!!! I was never an A student either. :( I hope I do well. After all the hard work I put in for the NEt and all the changes my family will go through it would really suck if I don't do well.

tfleuter, BSN, RN

Specializes in ICU. Has 9 years experience.

Watch out, you may just surprise yourself! I was never an A student in highschool either and knowing that almost kept me from even trying to apply for the school I wanted. But I'm older now, have kids that dh and I have to provide for and this made me take my studies more seriously. I'm almost done with all my pre-reqs and currently have a 3.88 GPA. I would have never imagined myself doing this well when I was younger, but I'm a lot more motivated now

It is hard in that it just takes a lot of your time and focus. Just stay positive and make sure you make time to relax, have fun and get some exercise! It helps me at least! Each person is different finding the right way to study. You'll find your way! Also I'm sure you learned and grown so much in those 10 years! you never stop learning right!! Good luck! You'll be just fine!!

Nursing is challenging because there are so many materials that you have to know in a short period of time. If you can organize yourself and stay focus you can do it.


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I never got even decent grades in anything until I recently returned to school after 15 years away. Now A's come pretty easily in my prereqs. Hopefully that trend will continue through the nursing program. I think those 10 years of maturity and life experience will do nothing but help you! Good Luck!

NurseLoveJoy88, ASN, RN

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Nursing school can be challenging at times, however I really love nursing school, no lie ! What is hard for me is working full-time, five days a week. I feel very overwhelmed at times, because I can't study on a regular basis. I just find time here and there to study at work, or when I have down time. However, that its not how much you study, its the quality of studying. Even If I study for 15 minutes at a time, I make sure that I get alot out of it. Well, just my two cents.

You will do well... All you have to do is study and keep up on assignments.

It is as hard as you make it. It is definitely going to be somewhat difficult, but depending on how you pace yourself and manage your time and the effort you put forth will determine how hard it will be overall. I advise at the beginning of the course to look over all the important dates (i.e. tests and quizes or even papers) and making a schedule for yourself so you can pace yourself at a reasonable rate and still be ahead of the game. At least that way you wont be going crazy like some other students who wait until the last minute to get stuff done.

But I don't think getting good grades in pre-reqs is a good indicator of how well you will do in nursing. There are people in my class who had 4.0s in the pre-reqs and failed out of the program. I'm not trying to scare you, but I just think planning ahead, having good time management, and even getting involved in a study group will better determine how well you will do in the program. Congrads and goodluck!!

Here is my 'outlandish' take on it.....

In HS, the only classes I didn't excel in were History classes. I HATED history. If I liked the course and had a strong interest in it, I did very well. So, I believe your love of subject may play into how well you do.

Also, some nursing students have average IQs, some have superior IQs and some are at the genius level. (They just don't know because they were never tested!) I believe that ability could allow for a program, that others perceive as difficult, to be fairly easy. You don't know where you fall. You might just be surprised! :D

I was out of school 25 yrs since my Bachelors and 29 since my HS graduation. (Shhhhh! Yes, I am that OLD!) Like the other say, age brings wisdom. But, we don't think about partying with our friends on Fri/Sat - or dating - or any of these 'issues' that plague the younger students.:p

You can do this!:heartbeat

:ancong!: On getting into your nursing program!:yeah:

Nursing school *is* tough. You will constantly being nothing but studying and they really like to cram a lot of material in such a short amount of time. You will be stressed out a lot of the time, and you will be sleep deprived, but PLEASE don't let that scare you! So far nursing school has been a very rewarding experience for me, and I hope it will be the same for you! Don't let other threads/posts on this website discourage you. :heartbeat


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I get better grades now than I did in high school and I've just been officially graduated for a full semester. I think it's the fact that I remind myself often that I'm paying for this out of my own pocket, no help from the parents. It keeps me going when I think about how many hours it took me at work to earn it.


From what I have heard it isn't the material that is hard so much as the amount of material.--This is sort of a question for those who would like to comment.

I am waiting to finish this semester so that I can apply. I can't wait!

Nursing school is very difficult in my opinion. Afterall people's lives will be in our hands and we must know what we are doing. Several classmates dropped out of my class. Take it very seriously. I personally have had to make a few sacrifices. I had to cut back on a lot of social activities. I figure nursing school is only two years. That is short sacrifice for something that will be so rewarding in the end. It is challenging, but it can be done. Good luck!

In a word, yes. It has to be. There's a lot of information to cover and clinical time to complete to prepare you for patient care. I personally find it helpful to not stress out too much about everything. I still question my choice of entering nursing school, but every time I'm with a patient my doubts are put to rest. If this is what you want, no matter how hard it is, you will make it.


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Nursing isnt hard, well the concepts and information isnt. Its just the amount of time required, the work required, the studying required, the sacrifice required that is hard. But like a person in the desert, if they are thirsty enough, they will fight and keep moving until they get that drinking water no matter what. Thats what I equate to nursing school, we who want will do no matter what to achieve this goal!!!

Nursing school, like anything worth having, takes alot of work. That being said, I love my classes, and find them very interesting. I also was out of school for awhile before returning, and I am doing very well in my classes. Organization is crucial, but because you have "lived life" for awhile, alot of the material may come naturally. If you really want it, you will do well. Good luck!

aerorunner80, ADN, BSN, MSN, APRN

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My theory is that if millions of nurses have survived nursing school before us, we can do it as well. It may not be the easiest thing we do in life but it obviously is doable when you sit back and think about it.

That is what is keeping me going. :yeah::heartbeat:heartbeat

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