Nursing school starts on Monday....


Ever since I received my acceptance letter I have been super excited to start nursing school. Now that it is only 4 days away nerves are starting to get the best of me. (I don't think it helps that we do not have our books yet.... they are suppose to be in today) I am still excited but there are times when doubt start to creep in and they are NOT welcome around here. Anyways... I was wondering if I am the only one struggling between excitement and extreme nervousness.


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Reading some of the old first day posts has terrified me. :nailbiting: I'm right there with you! I don't start til Tuesday, as my classes are Tues, Thursday and clinicals on Friday. I have been at this school for a couple years but I think I will go on Monday just to be sure they aren't working on the classroom or have moved it since our school has been undergoing a reconstruction for a while now! I expect to have nightmares for the next several nights about being lost in a maze of hallways.

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Both of you take a deeeeep breath, it'll be okay! Just be sure to do your readings, study smart, and do NOT be afraid to ask questions! A big mistake a lot of students make is to struggle and not seek help. Trust your teachers, your peers, and tutors. Good luck and realize that this is not an easy journey but it is very doable :nurse:

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Felt the same way; it's natural and human to feel that way right before you begin nursing school. The difference is once the dust settles, turn that doubt into and keep a positive feeling and attitude as you start to get a feeling of what nursing school is. There will be lots of reading and rereading till you know the stuff. Put your mind to it, it's feasible :p


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I'm excited! We have worked hard to get to this point. In the end, nursing school is only 2 or so years of our lives. We'll be fine. :up: