Nursing school lost accreditation after graduating... Opinions anyone?


So I'm just wondering what would be the consequences of having a degree from a school that lost accreditation after you have graduated and passed nclex? Would hiring manager look down on that? Does it still count as 'having graduated from an accredited school? Could you go for higher education considering that it was an accredited school when you finished but perhaps no longer accredited when you try to seek higher education?


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I would keep a copy of some document that shows the accreditation was lost after your date of graduation; just in case. On a day to day basis, when seeking work, it would have no bearing. Normally only affects future education. Employers are only concerned with your license being clear and your nursing work experience. Where there might be a pee contest due to competition, your documents proving your program was accredited the day you graduated are all you would need; only if the subject came up. Would not lose sleep over this, after all there is nothing you can do about it. Good luck.

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In almost a decade of being in the nursing workforce, no hiring manager or HR staff person has ever asked me whether I attended an accredited school of nursing. Accreditation matters the most when continuing one's education or pursuing federal employment (e.g. the Dept. of Defense, federal prisons, the VA system, Indian Health Service).

I completed a non-accredited ASN degree program. In a few months I will be graduating from a CCNE-accredited BSN program offered by a regionally accredited school.


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As long as the school was accredited at the time you attended and graduated, you are a graduate of an accredited school for the rest of your life. (Same as if, if the school burned down after you graduated, your degree wouldn't somehow cease to exist. :)) What happens to the school after you graduate doesn't affect you. It's not an ongoing relationship.


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Very good points you all bring up. Thanks for your input!


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May I ask what school you got your BSN from, please?


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Elkpark May I ask what school you got your BSN from, please