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So I have been a licensed cosmetologist for 8 years now and have really found myself gravitating towards skin care as my passion. I want to work in a doctors office doing dermatology procedures or a plastic surgery center doing laser treatments. I am going to get my esthetician license next month and am contemplating the idea of going to school to be an RN after that so I can do injections. Plus I was thinking.....if the whole skin thing doesn't work out for me, another thing I saw myself doing was working ob/gyn. Which being an RN would come in handy if I decided to switch fields for whatever reason. My dilemma is that I have no idea how I am going to make it through nursing school. There is no way I can clean up poop, boogers, and vomit every day through clinicals. That is just not the type of nurse I want to be. I cannot stand being around vomit or poop. Am I already a giant failure for nursing school?

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I was worried about dealing with "gross stuff" as a nurse before I started school and you definitely end up in situations as a nursing student that are gross. However, if you have a genuine concern and compassion for people you quickly realize that it isn't about the poop or vomit, it's about the person and helping to preserve their dignity and caring for them. It really isn't that bad once you're actually there. If you just can't handle it then don't take jobs where you encounter it a lot. L & D has lots of poop, vomit and vaginal discharge so definitely not a place to work if you struggle with that, lol.


After working for 3 months as a new grad on a medsurg floor, I quickly got tired of the vomit and poop and I am glad to say that next week I start a new position as an aesthetics nurse! So don't give up and keep your eyes open for new opportunities. Hospital nursing isn't for everyone and I am one of those people.


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Hi Tiffany. Do you mind sharing how you found your aesthetics nurse position? I'm not sure if I should just keep looking for postings or if I should call dermatologist offices. None of the dermatologist office websites have listings for RNs or even indicate if they ever hire RNs. Any advice is appreciated!

I just found the posting online. I immediately applied for it and I landed the position! :-) So keep looking because something will come along.


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You won't be able to avoid bodily fluids in nursing school/clinicals - after you graduate you can look for positions where you would not have contact w/them - ob/gyn would not be one of them because those things happen there too - even in the docs office... If you really truly don't think you can handle them for a short period of time you may want to rethink nursing school - it's tough and expensive -


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If I could put a mask on so I don't have to smell it, I would be fine. But is this even possible? Are you allowed to do that?


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If I could put a mask on so I don't have to smell it I would be fine. But is this even allowed?

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trust me a mask won't block the smell.


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You are probably well advised to volunteer or shadow a nurse for several days before committing yourself to nursing. I'm telling you right now there is no way you are avoiding vomit, poop, sputum, blood, the smell of C-diff. Sorry but that is all part of nursing.