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Ok, this is going to sound weird but I have gotten REALLY bad anxiety over nursing school, anything having to do with nursing school, since we had our first skills test off last fall. I end up feeling really hot, sweating, having incredible nausea, and then i end up throwing up. Even trying to drink water makes me gag. Anytime we have clinical, or a test I throw up. It caused me to lose weight (15 pounds in 3 months) last year and i DONT want to go down that path again. I know i should probably seek medical help but someone tell me i'm not alone? I cant be the only one out here that gets THIS nervous over nursing school, its stressful. Anyway, anyone have any tips/advice to keep me from getting so anxious that i throw up?

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i've always been the one to get nervous about new things. for instance, taking an exam, going to clinical every thursday and friday, simulation and just stuff like that. i don't much like change and new things. i don't get so nervous that i vomit, lose weight or any other things like you. i do however get this horrible red, patchy rash all over my arms, neck and chest which increases my nervousness/anxiety. if i were you, i'd go to my doctor and talk to him about what's been going on with you because that isn't normal. ]=

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You are not the only one that gets extremely nervous. I had a friend who started nursing school last year and she was constantly "sick", I don't know if she ever threw up but I know there were time she sure wanted too. I just started my nursing classes last week, and I get the opposite problem where I want to eat everything in sight cause I get nervous, and for a few weeks before starting school, I would go from being excited to depressed to scared back to the beginning again, sometimes 10 times a day.

But when taking into consideration the weight loss and throwing up, it may be a good idea for you to see your doctor. He may have just the advice or suggest something that will help you out. It isn't good for your body to be that stressed all of the time. Good luck this semester - nursing school is hard, but you can do it!:yeah:


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it's normal to get nervous but if you're throwing up then you should really see your doctor and see what treatment options would be right for you. sounds like your anxiety is pretty severe

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Well on the last skills eval my pulse was 145 and my bp was 140/90 which was ridiculously high for me. I do get nauseous but not to the point of throwing up. I just can't really eat. I can still drink water though. I found water, cool air, being distracted, and deep breaths help me a little bit. My instructor said to take a deep breath and cough or push all your energy into a wall. That's all I have.

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