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Nursing sadness

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I became a nurse because I wanted to help others and was very interested in all things medical. However, as a nurse I am over worked, working night shift all week, feeling miserable. My boss was nasty to me because I took two weeks vacation of my earned vacation time out of 52 weeks working every night. I don't know what to do at this point. I feel like life is to short for me to be unhappy like this, but I have not found a new job. I don't want to completely abandon nursing but I feel like I am not myself anymore working nights and in my current situation/job. Can anyone offer some words of encouragement?

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I caught myself burned out, anxious, stressed and depressed mid-late 2016 into earlier this year. I swept it under the rug until I couldn't anymore and had an emotional breakdown that took me months to overcome with the help of my doctor, prayer, self care, a few life coaches, mentors and therapy! I took a 2 months LOA which turned into 4 months, was denied ST Disability and moved back home with my parents at 28 years old. I went back to work full time 4 months later but ended up going Per Diem just one month later & even that's too much at times. Had I gone Per Diem 9 months earlier like my gut told me, I probably wouldn't have found myself in that situation. But everything happens for a reason. I went and pursued my dream of becoming a Youth Mentor and Certified Dreambuilder Life Coach over the last 9 months. Listen to your gut. Ask yourself what would you love? Try to live with purpose on purpose and follow your dreams! Best of luck to you. I know the feeling and wouldn't wish it on anybody.

You already know the answer: find a new job.

Probably would be nice to have a little time off in between too.

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You just slip out the back, Jack

Make a new plan, Stan

You don't need to be coy, Roy

Just get yourself free

Hop on the bus, Gus

You don't need to discuss much

Just drop off the key, Lee

And get yourself free

.........You have tbe power to change this....stsrt with small steps and once you take action you will begin to feel better

You deserve to be on vacation and have some time off. You will come back relaxed. I want you to realize that being off and taking your PTO will not affect the unit. Sometimes managers will try to guilt trip people into coming into work when we are short staffed. Nurses should not be the ones to fix the staffing and work problems of the facility. You will remember the great times you had in life, your friends, and your family. That patient, nurse, and doctor working while you are off will not even remember that you were off and the unit was short staffed by the next pay period. In the mean time, good luck finding a better job.

I've had doctors even telling each other to just let the on call doctor take over the patients duties while they have important occasions. The patient will have a good outcome whether or not you are there, and there is competent care. Thats really all the patient remembers, that some one was there to help them.


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I think this is an old post but I'll answer anyway. I would try to get on a different shift. I tried nights before and it exacerbated my depression so much my doctor restricted me from doing it. Now I only work shifts that allow me to sleep when it's still dark outside. I'd probably start looking for a different department, shift, or facility. And as others have mentioned you can get a LOA. Speak to your doctor and review your HR policies regarding time off. You'll get through it, be kind to yourself.