References/contact info from managers that have moved on

  1. I was wondering what people thought about this (especially those who work in HR or nurse recruitment). When you put down your past work experience, and you know that your NM is no longer in that position or in that hospital, I assume it is still protocol to put that persons name down, right? What if you know who the new NM is, but you did not work under this person? Des this warrant an explanation on your part? Basically, my past is full of this, as I assume many others have experienced this (due to the rapid turnover of middle management). When/if they call for references, are they actually calling the floor, or just HR to verify employment status and eligibility for rehire?

    Also, as far as references, is it terrible to not include a more recent employer for this reason (you know they are not there, and don't know where they are, hence no reliable contact info)? By recent, I mean 6 years ago, so not that recent, and I do have other references). Unless any of these people are my friends, I don't feel it's my responsibility to keep track of them, so I'm wondering if potential new hires feel the same way. Agree or disagree?
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    Just because the employer no longer exists now does not take away from the fact that it did exist in a certain location previously. In order to help the prospective employer check the information listed on the resume, you may wish to include any additional contact information you have for your former employer. For example, if you retain a functioning number for your supervisor, you may wish to include that number, with an addendum stating that the company is defunct, but that this person was your former boss. When you speak with your prospective employer, feel free to mention that your former employer no longer exists and ask whether there is any additional information you can provide to demonstrate that you held the position. This will not only allow the employer to resolve any questions he has, but it will make you appear forthright and honest. Good luck!
  5. by   microkate
    I have had several previous supervisors who no longer work at my old place of employment. In that case, I just give the number for HR as the contact number. They have rules against the supervisors giving out any info anyway, directing them to forward the call directly to the verification office of HR, and then all HR will give out is dates of hire, job title, and salary.

    I list my actual references separately, since most applications give areas for work history and for references.