Please Critique My Resume - Applying to Dream Job and Trying to Move Out of Med Surg

  1. I'm a new grad nurse applying to my dream job doing primary care in student health. I have med surg experience (8 months) but I'm trying to bridge into this new position since the hours and environment are a MUCH better fit and my current department is bleeding staff, which has made for worse than ever short staffing. I would like to go to NP school and do community based primary care so this job would be a lovely change of pace. Can you please look at my resume and tell me what should be omitted or included

    Summary of Qualifications
    Registered Nurse with excellent capacity to multi-task under pressure. Dedicated team player. Excellent interpersonal communication skills and highly reported patient satisfaction scores.

    Bachelor of Science – Nursing (Cum Laude) Year
    The Name of the School I attended
    · College of Nursing Honor Society, Sigma Theta Tau
    · Clinical Excellence Award in Medical-Surgical Nursing

    Bachelor of Arts – Communications Year
    The other school I attended
    · Full academic scholarship, Dean’s List (six semesters), Departmental Honors

    Licenses & Certification
    · Registered Professional Nurse, License # _______, expires _____
    · BLS and ACLS, American Heart Association

    Work Experience
    Staff Nurse, Medical-Surgical / The Hospital I Current Work At
    October 2014 – Present
    · Management and care of up to 8 surgical patients
    · Utilize strong assessment skills to determine patient care needs and initiate plan of care
    · Coordinate with doctors and the interdisciplinary team in formulating plan of care and ensuring continuity of care after discharge
    · Educate patients on health promotion, disease management, medications, recovery, coping skills and community resources
    · Accurately document all elements of nursing assessment, treatments, medication and follow up care
    · Provide quality, patient-centered nursing care in accordance with hospital policies

    Nurse Extern, Medical-Surgical / The Hospital I Current Work At
    · Shadowed senior nursing staff
    · Assessed and recorded accurate vital signs
    · Assisted with activities of daily living, hygiene, and personal care

    Office Manager/ Former Place of Employment
    2009 – 2013
    Responsible for day-to-day leadership and management of 20 employees and 10 executive boards, including meetings, travel, budgeting, and delegation of workflow.

    Skills Highlights
    Phlebotomy Blood Transfusions Ventilator Care
    Port-A-Cath Care Wound Care Pain Management
    Central Line/PICC Care PEG and NG Tubes Diabetes Management
    Intravenous Therapy TPN and PPN Patient/Family Education
    Central Line and PICC Blood Draws

    Volunteer, Med-Surg / The Hospital I Current Work At
    · Activities of daily living, ambulation, grooming and meals
    · Assessed vital signs, provided oral and hygienic care
    · Provided a clean, well-stocked, orderly environment

    Emergency Room Volunteer / Another Local Hospital
    · Acted as “friendly face”, interacting with patients during their stay and providing answers to non-medical questions
    · Compiled survey information on how patients and their families felt about the care they received, and helped identify areas for improvement
    · Assisted in triage of incoming patients

    MS office suite, Cerner, Epic, PatientKeeper
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  3. by   Nurse Beth
    It's nicely written, maybe a tad it one page (optimal)? What I'm thinking would help is to tweak it to the job/employer you are applying to. What skills are they looking for? What keywords are in the job description?

    There is an emphasis on your IV skills, are these used in primary student health? I'm not familiar with primary student health, and could offer better tips if I were.

    My main impression is that it would benefit by targeting the prospective employer. Hope that helps. Good luck!
  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    How did you "assist in triage" (an experienced RN only skill level in the ED) as a volunteer?