New grad seeking revisions on resume!

  1. Hi guys!

    I'm a nervous new grad hoping for some help on my resume. I've already gotten some help from my college's career center, which I was grateful for, but they weren't nurses.

    If anyone could go over my resume, it would be much appreciated! If any nurse managers could look over it, I would be forever grateful!

    For some reason my computer won't let me attach it as a word document so I'm just going to copy and paste it here...if anyone would like it as a microsoft word document, let me know and I'll e-mail it to you! In the word document format, it is one page, 10 font Times New Roman. The name is 13 font. The locations and dates for each experience is spaced out on the document. I'm just letting you know cause it looks much better in a word document haha.

    Thanks for any help!

    Here it is:


    Address  City, State, Zip code  Phone number  Email address

    College, City, State Bachelor of Arts in Nursing and Asian Studies: Expected Date, Year GPA: 3.55
    Honors: Dean's List Fall 2012, Dean's List Fall 2010, Scholarship, Scholarship, Scholarship, Scholarship, Scholarship, Scholarship, Scholarship
    Professional Membership: Sigma Theta Tau, National Student Nurses' Association, College Student Nurses' Association, Blue Key Leadership Honor Society, Alpha Psi Omega Theatre Honor Society
    Certifications: Certified Nursing Assistant, BLS (CPR and AED) certified

    - Nursing clinical rotations in NICU, telemetry, OB, psychiatric, public health, neurology, oncology, pediatric, medical/surgical
    - Computer skills: Experience with electronic medical records (EPIC), Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Google Drive proficient, Nursing research databases (Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health Literature, PubMed, MEDLINE)
    - Language skills: English, Tagalog (limited proficiency), Mandarin (2 years undergraduate), Spanish (2 years high school)
    - Research experience with College nursing faculty in simulation debriefing methods and critical care simulations
    - Tutoring experience with peers in nursing, anatomy, and physiology
    - Volunteer experience in emergency room and long term care center at Specific Hospital
    - Extensive mentoring experience with children and adolescents as tutor and 'big brother'

    Nursing, Anatomy & Physiology Teaching Assistant Nursing and Biology Department, College Fall 2012 - Present
    - Demonstrate basic nursing skills, such as taking vital signs, catheter care, and IV therapy to junior nursing students.
    - Instruct students during their assigned laboratory session with instructor, including use of physiology computer software.
    - Prepare routine and specialized chemicals, equipment, and software. Maintain safe work environment for students.
    - Grade objective and simple subjective lab assignments. Paid position.

    Critical Care/Simulation Research Study Nursing Department, College Fall 2012 - Present
    - Engage in multi-site study comprised of four colleges/universities from specific organization and perform simulation scenarios provided by specific organization.
    - Validate simulation debriefing tool titled "Title."
    - Analyze ICU simulations and determine how debriefing method can better prepare new grads in critical care setting.
    - Present research findings at Conference in future date.

    Certified Nursing Assistant Hospital, City, State Summer 2012
    - Assisted residents with bathing, dressing, hygiene, and grooming in accordance with established care plan.
    - Ensured safety and well being of residents. Protected and promoted resident rights and assisted them to maintain independence.
    - Obtained specimens and weight of residents. Measured and recorded resident's fluid intake and output. Paid position.

    College Nursing Class of Year Representative City, State Fall 2011 - Present
    - Represent Class of Year at Nursing organization monthly meetings
    - Communicate comments and concerns from class to faculty at meetings and deliver meeting minutes to class

    College Student Worker City, State Fall 2009 - Present
    - Admissions Department: Coordinate prospective students' overnights on campus. Promote college by giving campus tours.
    - Alumni Parent and Relations Office: Assist with programming and events for Commencement, Reunion, and Homecoming.
    - Residential life: Summer Resident Assistant that facilitated entertainment and developed healthy positive living atmosphere.

    Tutor/Mentor/Big Brother Project Friendship and City Middle School, College Spring 2011 - Present
    - Mentor and provide friendship to a third grade boy every week. Empathize and be sensitive to his living situation.
    - Tutor basic math and science, and implement fun activities for City middle school students.

    Volunteer Specific Hospital, City, State Spring 2011
    - Provide support, conversation, and games to residents in long term care center.
    - Organize and cleanse patient rooms in ER; observe ER RNs and doctors.

    Member Specific Honor Society, College Fall 2011 - Present
    - Recognized for excellence in leadership, scholarship, and service to College. Induct new members each semester.
    - Organize Red Cross Blood Drive each semester by recruiting volunteers and communicating with Red Cross.

    Assistant Coordinator Volunteer Organization, College Fall 2010 - Present
    - Oversee all volunteer groups at College and sponsor volunteer events on campus.
    - Recruit volunteers for events. Promote events by creating posters and advertising online.
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  3. by   nihaojailan
    just my 2cents. You may want to slash out the "QUALIFICATIONS SUMMARY" part because it clutters your resume and it becomes redundant as one reads down. Believe me, nurse managers don't have the time to read everything in a resume
  4. by   nurseprnRN
    I disagree. I'd do the cutting under nursing experience. Believe me, they know what a TA and a CNA does-- say that you've done it, and leave off on the specifics.

    I don't think you need "College Student Worker," either. It adds nothing to your nursing cred.

    You can also cut the bullet lists under the volunteer section, leaving just the bold titles. If they want to know more about them, they'll ask you.

    That will tighten it all up and leave you still looking wonderful. (Nice resume)
  5. by   Funformillions
    Thanks guys!

    I agree, my qualifications summary is a little redundant as you read down. I put it there and highlighted what I want to show off most, in case the manager doesn't read everything.

    I also agree that people know what a TA and CNA does. I'll take some of the bullet points out, or find a way to make it shorter.

    I was debating on taking off "College Student Worker" as well but some of my best references will come from my supervisors from those jobs, which is why I decided to keep it. I'm assuming the nursing manager would want to know what job my references are referring to. Thoughts?

    I'm a little hesitant on taking out the bullet lists under the volunteer section. Shouldn't I write the basics of what I did in each volunteer experience? However, if I do that, I actually have more volunteer experience that I could add...hmm...

    Thanks, again! All the help is appreciated!
  6. by   nihaojailan
    Keep it clean, keep it simple, keep it short. Most managers and directors can tell your personality by the way you write your resume, If you clutter your resume it just seems like you don't have a specific direction. I mean I get you, I've been there as a new grad I wanted everything and anything about me and how I'm perfect for this job and I didn't want them to miss anything about me. But the people who are on the hiring authority really just wants to find out how you are as a nurse. how you work & contribute and be an essential team member on the floor.

    as for volunteer experience, list the ones that included direct patient contact, maybe under it you can include a sentence about the scope of responsibility.
  7. by   NRSKarenRN
    I like the qualifications summary. I'd remove Nursing clinical rotations - required of all students for CA license.
    You want to highlight "people skills" via volunteer activities first. Then list languages andcomputer skills including level of proficiency. Language skills should be listed in order of proficiency so place Tagalog later in sentence.

    College Student worker experience shows that you have longevity but could be condensed ---beats some applicants who list a 2 week or 1 month experience. As hiring manager, I look for persons who have longevity in work or volunteer experience as greater chance may stay on my unit more than that golden first year.

    Best wishes --looks like a very solid resume.