List of skills in Resume?

  1. Hey everybody

    I'm updating my resume, should include have a list of skills in my resume?

    I'm thinking something like:

    "Nursing Skills include (but not limited to)

    Wound Vacs
    Peripheral IV Insertion
    Orthopedic Devices
    NG Tubes
    Telemetry reading
    Wound Care
    etc etc
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  3. by   HouTx
    I would advise against this. You don't want to give the impression that you feel nursing is a compilation of tasks. Instead, I would suggest that you describe your skills in terms of the types of patients you can manage... ex: "successfully managed complex surgical patients with multiple drainage devices, labile fluid balance, . . ". So, you can mention the tasks, but put them into context so that you come across as a well-rounded professional rather than a "task doer".

    The exception to this would be higher level skills certifications, such as IABP or ECMO, which indicate mastery of underlying theory as well as management of the task.

    Hope that makes sense. Best of luck on your job search.
  4. by   RunBabyRN
    Agreed. Skills aren't what matter. Were you on any committees? Any supervisory experience? Triage? Show them you can THINK, that you want to make a difference. Anyone can be taught a skill.
  5. by   DatMurse
    I have this listed on mine.

    · Chemotherapy administration
    · Medication Administration
    · EMR Utilization
    · Time management and prioritization
    · Patient education
    · Acute Stroke Intervention
    · Informational Technology Repair and Proficiency

    Looking back at it I would have removed patient education, medication administration, and Time management. However I still got a 75%+ call back rate for interviews. I put IT repair experience and proficiency to show that I am technologically literate. I can adapt to different computer systems and am extremely fast on them far beyond the average nurse.