Can someone please help with my new grad resume?

  1. I am struggling with my resume. I have re-written it several times. Everytime I get on here and read other people's suggestions I feel like mine is wrong. I have sent out around 20 resumes and nothing. I also have been a patient care tech in GI Lab but didn't want to include that since I am not interested in that field? I am trying to be patient and not feel anxious. I also need help with a cover letter. Thank you so much!

    name, GN
    address *phone number * email

    ► Achieved Nursing Degree withGPA 3.5
    ► BLS and PALS, Pediatric RhythmCertified
    ►Proficient in Spanish read and write
    ►BSN graduation August 2013

    Fall 2012: Intensive Care Unit- Practicum: XYZHospital
    Provided nursing care for critically ill patients in a 1:1 or 1:2 patient ratio.
    * Fresh CABG patients with strictVS every 15 min, admin sedation drip meds while on vent, chest tube monitoring, lab draws through central lines, swan ganz and wedge monitoring, communicationwith families regarding loved ones, flow sheet and EPIC system charting
    * Trauma patients with trachventilation, titrating meds, TPN admin,provided in line deep suction, monitoring multiple IV drips, blood admin, NGmaintenance, telemetry, participated in codes and provided CPR during code

    Spring 2012: Cardiac Unit: XYZ Hospital
    Provided nursing care for cardiacpatients in a 1:3 patient ratio.
    * Cared for cardiac patients comingfrom cath lab with fresh stints, andalso CABG patients from ICU, telemetry monitor, central line medication admin,wound care, central line dressing change, strict I/O monitor, pt education, patient discharge planning,prioritization/delegation, EPIC system charting

    Fall 2011: Orthopedic Unit: XYZ Hospital
    Provided nursing care for post-surgicalorthopedic patients in a 1:2 patient ratio.
    * This unit had both post oporthopedic patients and post op general surgery requiring immediate assessments and planning of care, many IV push meds,strict pain management, hanging fluids, wound vac care, pulse oximetry monitoring,communicating with family on patient progress

    Spring 2011: SkilledNursing Facility: XYZ Hospital
    Provided nursing care for strokepatients/long term hospital patients in a 1:2 patient ratio.
    * Longterm care unit with average patient stay of 2 weeks to 30 days, Head to toe and PERRLA assessment , vital signs every 4 hrs, PO med admin, assisted patients with ADL's, computer charting using WOW system

    Texas Tech Health Science Center, Lubbock, Texas
    Bachelor of Science, Nursing
    Graduation Date of August 2013

    McLennan Community College, Waco, Texas
    Associates Degree, Nursing
    Graduated with Honors, December 2012, GPA 3.5

    Tarrant County College, Fort Worth, Texas
    Pre-requisites in Nursing
    Dean's List, GPA 4.0

    National Students NursesAssociation 2011-present
    American Nurses Association2012-present
    National Association of NeonatalNurses 2012-present
    Hispanic Student Association2011-present
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  3. by   ChristineN
    I personally would not put clinical experience on a resume, as any experience you got on those units is vastly different than an RN that worked on those units. Did you work as a CNA? Did you volunteer? Any jobs that you worked in the summer you can put down?

    Just noticed you were a PCT in a GI lab. Even if you don't want to work GI lab, I would still mention it since it was a job and there were still skills that I am sure you learned in that environment.
  4. by   texasrn4ever
    Thank you for your reply. Ok so I should take off all of the clinical experience and only list the GI Lab employment? That is going to make my resume less than half a page? Will that not look bad? Ugh..I am so frustrated here!
  5. by   CrunchRN
    Take all the clinical exp off and only put in your real work experience. It will not cause you to be pushed into that field.

    Use the term "bilingual" (Spanish/English)and push it to the top. They will care about that more than any other thing you have listed. The way it is listed sounds unprofessional. Bilingual is the proper term. I also would change the order (see numbers) and get rid of the fluff part (see adjusted line about education).

    Achieved BSN August 2013 with a GPA of 3.5 (1)
    ► BLS and PALS, Pediatric RhythmCertified (3)
    ►Proficient in Spanish read and write (2) Bilingual - English/Spanish

    Just some ideas for you to consider.........
  6. by   mclennan
    I don't understand all the fuss about clinical experience on a nursing resume. My boss says she wants to see that on a resume - ESPECIALLY that of a new grad, it gives the potential employer some idea of what environments and populations the nurse has been exposed to. At my last job I was on interview panels and also found the clinical experience listed to be helpful and informative.

    The only thing I'd caution is not to list the clinicals like you would a job. Don't detail the duties: nurse managers interviewing you know what duties are required in certain units. On my rsum I listed my clinical experience like this: (all made up for this post to avoid identifiers)


    Holy Cross Hospital
    Pooptown, CA
    6 week rotations each

    Popeye's Community Clinic
    Ambulatory Walk-In Triage
    4 week rotation

    Einstein Memorial Hospital
    Funkytown, CA
    Neuro Rehab TCU
    Labor & Delivery
    Emergency Dept.
    2 week rotations each

    You get the idea. Just a quick listing shouldn't be a big deal and tells your story.
  7. by   texasrn4ever
    Thanks again. I am making the changes. Should I at least leave the practicum? I read that alot of schools do not incorporate that into their program and I was truly working by myself? Also if I put bilingual do I also say somehting about being able to read and write Spanish. Sorry for all the extra questions just wanting to make my resume stand out. I appreciate you helping me
  8. by   texasrn4ever
    to Mclennan I will cut it way down and only leave more on the Practicum. I was told that a lot of schools don't offer it and if they do some are limited to what is allowed in practice. I felt like that truly shows what I did and was exposed to in it. I am just so frustrated with putting applications and can't seem to get any responses. thanks. if you don't mind will you also look at my cover letter i posted it on a seperate topic.
  9. by   CrunchRN
    Bilingual implies both speaking and written comprehension so don't go into it more than that.

    Almost all students get the same stuff in school so that is why you shouldn't list all your clinicals. If you did manage patients on their own then that is worth mentioning. Your former employment is important because it shows you have work skills.
  10. by   mclennan
    Sorry but I totally disagree. Clinical experiences vary wildly. At least listing ones important to the job you're applying for is essential.
  11. by   CrunchRN
    Well, that flys in the face of everything I have heard from hiring managers. As I said above only things like managing patients on your own are really stand outs from the norm.

    I will just have to agree to disagree with you mclennan. We each probably have a 50% chance of being correct.

    The OP will have to decide what she feels will work best.

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