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Hi. I am a nursing student at Clemson University in South Carolina. I have been given an assignment to speak with others who have taken a nursing research course in the past. If any of you could tell me just some basics about your course - how it was set up, assignments you had, what you thought of it etc. I would really appreciate it! Thanks for any help you can offer me!:p


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Hi just can't resist saying hi to a fellow CAROLINIAN!

Sorry haven't had any courses though. Welcome to the board though! :)

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It's been a while....

We studied the research process, how it needs to be theoretically based and what it meant to say that, we read reports of research and critiqued them and we wrote a research proposal, including the problem statement, hypothesis statement, review of the literature, shaped our research plan including what statistical tests might be used, but did not implement it, and did a sketchy chapter on what a report of our research might look like. (I know I didn't get all of the parts included, but in the real deal they were.)

I liked the course quite a bit, but probably more in RETROSPECT...:D It does help you to read research a little more critically and we looked quite a bit at the limitations of research.

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ditto to what Molly said.. sorry had to take the easy way out..

Our research class was all online.. have to say... I prefer having the inclass dialogue for learning and discussing information...

I enjoyed it; I learned how to use a lot of the tools available at the college and who had access to some of the more specific libraries and shortcuts of how to tap into them.

Good luck on the project and keep posting.



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my research class consisted of our teacher telling us how important here research was. We copied a bunch of stuf off of the internet and regurgitated the spoon fed material. I did not even read the book, and earned an A.

Besides the above, it was very boring.

I know that doesn't help, but it was more like we were getting a class with a name, rather than a class with content.

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