Nursing or Radiography

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HELP....any input/advice/comments would be greatly appreciated!

I am 30 with an accounting degree. On my 3rd Fortune 100 company totally burned out. I have thought of going back to school for Radiograph, sonography or nursing. Last night I registered at the community college for a class I need as a prereq. How do you decide? The nursing I have talked to my family - 2 RNS, 1 LPN and 2 CNAs. I am not grossed out be blood, guts, breaks...However needles freak me out! I hate to be stuck and really wonder if I could someone. I know there is much much more to the nursing job but this is my biggest worry. I can IM and IV the horse and I can IM the dog....Any words of wisdom...? If you had it to do over again?

Most important to me is helping others, human interaction, not being in a cube all day, flexability and stability as far as employment.



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I have thought of going radiography...I would love that patient contact without the entire nursing process all the time (I am talking both careers rad a few times a week, RN a few times a week since I have my RN).

I am also quite facinated by radiography and the pic results! Cool stuff!!!!!!

Yeah...there are times I wish to have that patient relationship when I am not giving them meds, turning them, wiping them, feeding them, transfering them, getting cussed out by them..LOL and for 4-5 of them per shift! LOL!!!!!! Doing that for one patient at a time, bringing them to rad, positioning, calming the patient, taking the pics, cleaning/transfers PRN, and taking them back seems soothing to me most days! LOL!!!!!!!!!

But that is me...LOL! No I love what I do...but being able to focus on one pt at a time for a while is sooooooo cool...wish I had more of it!

BIG ADVISE! Ask to shadow a nurse and a rad tech! That is watching them for a day of work and following them through their work day...that will give you an impression of each job! Most facilities will allow this for incoming students or students! Check it out!

Good luck!



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HOw do you shadow a nurse

I was told by a hospital that I couldnt due to privacy laws etc


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Oh bummer! I can so see that being a large probelm...however I was allowed due to being a student going into the RN program. I had to sign a waver and follow their rules about I guess that let them off the hook. I also did this for paramedic doing ride alongs!

If this is the case, maybe there is a nurse that would be willing for a sit lunch or coffee and discuss their day with you not using names or dates or anything! Or even ask that RN to be so kind as to write a letter about what they did that day in detail without confidentiality breeches! I would do that if asked!

ALSO, you could also VOLUNTEER for a few days and see it all from the inside. They too are held to confidentiality yet see all that goes on, and HELP...which is wonderful (and you get your name and face into peoples minds for jobs later on...knowing folks is part of the smart way of getting good clinicals, and jobs!!!).

So I guess there are ways around it ;)...just be creative!



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Do what your heart tells you. I know my school has a Radiography program, but my heart is really for nursing. If God calls you to be a nurse, you will know it.



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I was a xray tech for 7 years before I went to nursing school. I now have been a ER nurse for 2 years. My job now is more stressful. I have more career opportunities and make more money. For instance, PRN rates for my hospital are 25hr for techs and 40 for nurses. Your advancement for xray is:management, CT or MRI. For nursing you can go into management, NP, CRNa, midwife or 50 other subspecialties of nursing:ICu,ER,NICU,prisons, public health,mental health,peds. Your options to find something you enjoy much greater in nursing. I have to critically think more in nursing, the stakes are higher. People's lives are in your hands in nursing. Sono is a good choice and they make comparable money to nurses. They have 1 patient at a time. It might be easier for you to find a second degree bridge prgram for nursing since you already have a degree. In xray you usually only have the pt for 10-25 minutes unless you are doing a barium enema study ro upper GI. In xray you are exposed to radiation. in nursing you are exposed to HIV,hep a-d and everyother thing you can think of. I'm gald I chose nursing for the flexabilty,pay and advancemt opportunities. Yes, I said pay. Once you get 1-2 years of experience in your specialty you can easily make $80,000.

Good luck



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Thanks everyone for your responses.

I am going to get the couple of pre-req (anatomoy I&II) done and apply next fall. I have a while to figure it out but those other pre-req b/t the 2 are just different enough :(

THANKS AGAIN! Now that I know of this forum I will be back for my great advice.

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Do what your heart tells you.

But think of it in this manner. Virtually no nurses return to school to become radiographers, yet many radiographers return to school to become nurses. That's something compelling to ponder.

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