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Anyone out there have info on the school in Arecibo, PR? It is a 24 month program that begins in August. I'd love to hear anything, thanks. zzzzzgirl... Read More

  1. by   nauhjat
    First of all I would like to say thanks to you and Jeb for all your help yesterday. You two are the best and you have to let me take you guys to lunch when i return. Thanks!!!! I would have missed my flight for sure because I just made it. I wanted to scream in that office yesterday because even though the counselor took me in she wasted the first 45 minutes talking on the phone and walking in and out for who knows what. LOL. Literally it would have took me 10 minutes to register myself, it took her an hour. Patience is very very important at IUPR. To make matters worse I found out that two of the classes she gave me were closed and I would have to go to the department head for each class to get permission to add. I thought I was going to have a heart attack in the registrars office because i had no idea where they were and my flight was leaving in 45 minutes. What a day!!!! See I really couldn't have made it without you two. Now a quick question for you or anyone who has an answer, have you tried logging in to Inter web or black board and been successful? I tried activating my account with the icon on the side but it keeps saying that my student ID or birthday is wrong. Hmmm??? Anyone??
  2. by   MidWest78
    We are glad that you made it back home!! we were a lil worried you would miss your flight. Sorry to here it took them that long to get ur classes when it was my turn it took the lade about 15 minutes and i was out in the registrars office, NOW financial aid that was a pain in the rear-end!

    In regards to activating the account Jeb called and they told him your username = student ID # which begins with an M and your password is your DOB. I have not tried it
  3. by   MidWest78
    I was able to log into the inter website and also Blackboard using my username: student ID and password: DOB ddmmyy form.
  4. by   nauhjat
    Thanks for the info I will give it a try.
  5. by   nauhjat
    it wasn't working for me so I had to call in and have them reset it, which was just as fun as trying to get in contact with someone from the nursing department this past year. Ok no more whining. LOL
  6. by   MidWest78
    Quote from nauhjat
    ......Ok no more whining. LOL
    So when are you starting?
  7. by   nauhjat
    Well I already started. I have three classes on the Internet and 2 at the school on tuesday. How about you? Which classes are you taking?
  8. by   MidWest78
    Wait, you where in my class today (tuesday night) she called ur name during role-call but you where not in class?!....i have class M-T-Th-F night and one online, Christian Faith. Where are you staying?
  9. by   nauhjat
    I emailed her today and told her that I will not be there the first week because I wont take my final until Fri. I will be there on tuesday. will you remind her of that if you remember. I am still trying to find a place to stay. I guess Jeb and I are going to be in the same boat. At least i will have a bus riding buddy. LOL Where did everyone else find housing?
  10. by   MidWest78
    Well......Jeb found a place about 5 houses up from where i am staying its a student housing house he's renting one room. Unfortunately the last room available in that house. But if you want we can check out a place that is about 2 streets down from us I can call and see if they have anymore rooms available. I have the instructor tomorrow so i will inform her she doesn't use blackboard. Oh, and by the way you haven't missed anything this week!!
  11. by   nauhjat
    Good for him. Sure, please give them a call for me. !! Do you know how much rent is in that area? Glad to know I didn't miss much. Thank you!!
  12. by   MidWest78
    The student housing is pretty cheap, im paying $325 for a room, all utilities and internet included, Jeb is paying $275 for a room all utilites included but no internet. So i will call tomorrow and find out for u.
  13. by   Jeb-in-Minneapolis
    Also, no AC and no internet grr!

    It took me awhile to figure out theres another line to get a username/password to use campus computers and internet.' So I haven't had my internet for quite some time!

    Hey Naujhat, I think Midwest78 was going to call some places for you, my 2 cents would be basically find something close to a train station. The train is the only thing that runs on time in Puerto Rico, the buses are a joke. Basically you hop on the train (35 cents, one-way for students), then hop off at the Cupey train station and take the free trolley to campus. It picks folks up at the train station (1p,3p,5p,7pm), and after class you take the trolley back (6p,8p,10pm)

    PS- the room where you stand in line to get internet at school you need to swipe your student badge, which we don't receive until 2 weeks later, haha, gotta love the island!