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Anyone out there have info on the school in Arecibo, PR? It is a 24 month program that begins in August. I'd love to hear anything, thanks. zzzzzgirl... Read More

  1. by   Jeb-in-Minneapolis
    quick question,

    going over the student budget provided by the university and there is an entry for "cuarto" which is $1,000 for those living with their family and $4,761 for students living on their own. any idea what "cuarto" refers to? it seems to translate as "fourth", which isn't terribly descriptive...

    here is the cost of attendance as set out by uipr (produced jan 2009) :

    this is for a student living on their own (not w/ their family)

    tuition $ 3,696.00
    fees $ 1,262.00
    books $ 894.00
    fourth $ 4,761.00
    food $ 4,500.00
    transportation $ 1,800.00
    personal expenses $ 3,878.00
    total budget $ 20,791.00

    this is simply what is put out by the university so your tuition could be higher if you take more credits. any thoughts from folks? does your budget match up w/ the above, or how is it different? i was personally thinking the food budget was a little high, but i've never been to puerto rico....
  2. by   ramblin_hombre
    It might be referring to housing, unless that is already on there. Cuarto is also the word for room and it could be colloquially that way.
  3. by   Jeb-in-Minneapolis
    Ahh! Now I feel silly.... Yes, I'm sure you are absolutely right, it must refer to housing.
  4. by   Jeb-in-Minneapolis
    Grr! Got off the phone with the admissions people today and they claim they haven't gotten any of my 3 admission packages, 2 were delivered by fedex yesterday, and the person said to try calling in another week. Ditto on the financial aid, I completed the fafsa on 6/29 and used the correct school code, the lady likewise said try back in another week!

    I know it'll take awhile to evaluate my transcript and I accept that, I simply thought the easiest part would be delivering the cursed papers.

    I'm currently unemployed and can't afford the $560 airfare, otherwise I would simply deliver them in person. Its just disappointing how unorganized they seem to be....
  5. by   designer-mommy
    They probably haven't even opened them yet, Jeb. They're pretty slow, especially since there is only one lady there that does that stuff.

    As for your other posts, I don't know where they got the tuition cost, because 12 credit hours costs about $2200 per trimester. And yes, cuarto means room, and the food here is EXPENSIVE because we import a lot of things. I have been here for 2 years now, and I really, really, REALLY miss using coupons and taking advantage of the B1G1 free sales. We have none of that here, it sucks. No coupons, no B1G1 free, nothing. Milk here is $5.80 a gallon, no matter what kind you buy or where you buy it. It has been that way ever since I've been here; the price has never went down. Green peppers are going to cost you like $4 or $5 for TWO. I miss my produce markets back in Orlando, where I got all of that stuff super cheap. I used to be able to buy 10 plantains for $1, over here it's $1 for 1. It's insane. You will learn that Super Wal-Mart will be your best friend. Also, there is a grocery store here called Amigo (it's part of Wal-Mart) and you can buy just about anything under the Great Value label, which will save you quite a bit of money. In my opinion, the stuff tastes the same as the name brand. So, enough rambling, but yeah...be prepared to pay a lot for groceries.

    I hope you get your paperwork issues resolved soon! *hugs*
    Last edit by designer-mommy on Jul 7, '10 : Reason: Sorry, it's $5.80 a gallon, not $5.60. I was dreaming there for a minute LOL
  6. by   Jeb-in-Minneapolis
    Thanks for the support designer-mommy! I guess I'm just kicking myself for not applying a month ago, when I wouldn't have felt quite so rushed...

    Pretty crazy prices for the food, I hadn't realized milk and other staples were quite so high. Yikes!
  7. by   Jeb-in-Minneapolis
    Well, looks like my luck has changed. They've managed to find one of the 3 application packages I sent and one guy spoke to transcripts and thought they could be transferred to UIPR next Weds. at the earliest (which I'm taking with a huge grain, no pebble, of salt!).

    I think my polite but persistent strategy of calling everyday is finally paying off, seems like some folks now recognize the gringo calling in and might be helping speed things along.

    With 3-4 weeks before the last day to add classes, I feel my chances of attending the August trimester have gone from hopeless to possible w/ a little sprinkling of optimism thrown in!
  8. by   artofisis
    Can anyone tell me if I could take a few classes online from NY and then move there when its time to do my clinical classes? I really wanted to move to PR and attend inter metro but my mother is sick and I dont feel right about leaving right now.
  9. by   Jeb-in-Minneapolis
    Well, I took the plunge and bought a one-way ticket to San Juan and got in this past Sunday. I'm glad I did, turns out they mixed up my application with a different person's, no wonder they had such trouble! Anyway I'm still hoping to start up in August and will be holed up in Old San Juan 'till then (Fortaleza Guest House, $25 a night, rustic, but very nice location).

    PS- Can anyone tell me whats up with all the random cats on the walk around the Old San Juan city/fort walls by the ocean?
  10. by   Jeb-in-Minneapolis
    Well, I've been here in San Juan a week and have been to the university 3 times (2 of which they were closed). Apparently they mixed up my application with some else with a similar name, hence some of the confusion...Hopefully, it will get straightened out before classes start next Monday. (otherwise I think I can still register for courses up until the end of next week, but I'll need to double-check that one). I'll just camp out in Admissions until I get in, I guess....

    By the by, the buses here are rather interesting and you should not really rely on them to commute to campus. The one serving campus, C31 only seems to run once per hour and the last run is sometime between 9-10pm (no posted schedules for buses in PR) for those evening courses. (It took me 2.5 hours to get to campus today using 2 buses, a taxi took me there in 20 minutes...go figure).

    Lovely place, but we aren't in Kansas anymore, Toto!
  11. by   nauhjat
    Hello, is anyone going to the orientation on the 28th? I just got my acceptance letter in the mail today so the orientation caught me a little off guard. Talk about last minute. LOL
  12. by   Oakley44
    Quote from nauhjat
    Hello, is anyone going to the orientation on the 28th? I just got my acceptance letter in the mail today so the orientation caught me a little off guard. Talk about last minute. LOL
    Haha. I got my acceptance letter 3 days AFTER the first orientation meeting a while back.

    Still wish the Mrs. and I could move down there but I already sent my acceptance response elsewhere.

    Keep updating the thread once your semester starts. I think it's important to get actual facts about costs and clinical details and what not.
  13. by   artofisis
    Quote from nauhjat
    Hello, is anyone going to the orientation on the 28th? I just got my acceptance letter in the mail today so the orientation caught me a little off guard. Talk about last minute. LOL
    im flying down on the 27th