Accelerated BSN Program Aug. 2014

  1. Hello Everyone - I was wondering if anyone has plans to start the english accelerated bsn program in Puerto Rico. I would like to form a support group- my plans are visit PR in the end of April to register for classes in Aug 2014 and look for a place to rent in July 2014. Hopefully carpooling with others to the evening classes. Thanks for any responses.
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  3. by   Arleq
    Hi. I am interested. Could you list some info, like duration and tuition costs etc., plus any related links.
    I am currently working part-time as LPN in a geriatric day care center, giving meds and taking vitals, plus a minor skin ulcer to treat. I am anxiously looking forward to get my RN. Thank you. Arleq
  4. by   Arleq
    By the way.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! May the new year bring us many good things.
  5. by   dzcafe
  6. by   nycgirl305
    Hi dz,

    just wanted to follow up and see how the application process is going at UMET? any response yet? I just sent my transcripts. Im also going to continue my application just to keep my options open. keep me posted. I have gotten better responses from UMET as well. Also researching the clinicals at UMET since I read a review about students having issues working when they came back to the states. Will keep you posted if I get more info.
  7. by   shinie_star10
    I have applied to Inter, but I'm also considering UMET as well. Any information that you guys find out would be helpful.
  8. by   dzcafe
    I just arrived in puerto Rico to check out the courses and admission process - will post on how things are going...
  9. by   amguzman
    @dzcafe, I will be moving to pr in july as well. I am sorry I have not gotten back
    to you but coming with all the family has made it hard to plan. anyway,im
    currently looking for an apartment
  10. by   kkde

    I'm interested in the lvn-rn bridge program in Puerto Rico but I don't know enough information or haven't found much about. I've already done my pre-reqs (science classes) prior to the LVN program because I didn't go directly to a RN program here in CA.

    Can you please give me information if they waive any lvn courses or recognize the license to shorten the length of the program? I plan to go to PR to check out everything as soon as possible before they begin.

    Thank you!