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Nursing Practice Questions?

by tinyone tinyone (New) New

Hello guys,

Im in Med-Surg 2 this semester and Im looking for sites, books, resources, ect. to look for practice questions. At my school at the end of each semester we have a HESI Final.

One of my friends told me to practice 100 questions a day (which really helped her excel through the nursing program). I have started doing that a little bit but I'm looking for more sites or books to study from.

Any ideas?


Lippincott has a great book that has like 6000 practice questions with wonderful rationales. You might try that.

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Your friend gave you excellent advice. I used the lippincott nclex practice book to do just that in school. I did the questions for whatever we happened to be studying that week.

The benefit is twofold, first, you are reinforcing what you have just learned and second, you are prepping for the nclex.


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I live by learningnurse.org one of the best sites I've ever came by!

I practice with Saunders NCLEX book & Med Surg Success. Both are excellent. Saunders is particularly interesting because it provides a disease outline in the beginning of each chapter.