Ritalin Use in Preschoolers?

  1. ritalin use in preschoolers?

    according to a new study funded by the national institutes of health, preschool children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd) may benefit from taking methylphenidate (ritalin). however, the study suggests that benefits may be less and adverse effects greater in younger children. consequently, say researchers, younger children should receive reduced doses and close monitoring...

    methylphenidate is the most commonly prescribed drug for children with adhd. it isn't approved use for use in children younger than age 6.

    ndhnow.com - news capsules - ritalin in preschoolers
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  3. by   rph3664
    I have heard of children as young as 1 year old being diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and accordingly medicated. They come from a fatherless home, and their unemployable mothers face being kicked off welfare after 5 years, so they get their kids diagnosed with this so they can get SSI for them.This is why so many people who have been declared permanently and totally disabled are being re-evaluated, to see if they really need benefits.
  4. by   rph3664
    How could ADD/ADHD be diagnosed in a preschooler? I have actually heard of children as young as ONE YEAR OLD being diagnosed and placed on meds. They are usually the children of unemployable single mothers who are being kicked off welfare after 5 years, so they go to a dishonest doctor who will happily fill out the SSI paperwork and the child is set for life with "crazy checks."

    This is why people who have been declared permanently and totally disabled are being re-evaluated to see if they really need benefits.
  5. by   island40
    I worked as a school nurse in AZ 1998-2000 and had preschoolers (age 2) on Ritalin. These were special needs kids whatever the source of their behavior difficulties, we would not have been able to teach them a thing without that pill. Crack babies especially have so many difficulties paying attention, if we want these kids to grow up to be even minimally productive we have to use all the available resources.
    I didn't realize that ADD/ADHD was a disability. Depression is. Perhaps the problem is not with the kids and the drug but with the Social Security system of our country.
  6. by   leslie :-D
    my dtr was 4 when she was in kindegarten.
    her teacher told me she thought tiff had ADD.
    i got her a full-workup at one of the leading hospitals.
    i still have the letter from the pediatric neurologist, w/his findings.

    they recommended ritalin.
    this was in 1993.
    i refused.
    i told them i'd consider it if/when it started interfering w/her socially or academically.
    when she entered 1st grade, her teacher was sending papers home with sad faces.
    tiffany was not doing well.
    reluctantly, we started her on ritalin.
    yes, she started focusing and doing better in school.
    but she lost a huge chunk of her personality.
    she was spaced-out and withdrawn.
    we've worked very hard in getting our dtr the education she deserves...
    which is challenging when overworked teachers have to deal w/a rambunctious student.
    tiff is now in college.
    thankfully, w/o the 'help' of ritalin and its like.

  7. by   PatricksRNMommy
    My son is 4 and has tons of energy, and yes maybe sometimes he has som attention-span issues. A grouchy old lady in the drugstore came up to me the other day and suggested I "get that kid checked out for ADD." I had to bite my tongue and take a deep breath and I sinply said "No thank you, 'that kid' is just fine the way he is." If it becomes a problem for him (once he's in school) then I will look into it, but I see no reason to medicate my child when he has no problems with behavior or learning thus far
  8. by   lpnstudentin2010
    One of my doctors tried to diagnose me when I was 2. My parents left his care. Then when I was in 6th grade I did get diagnosed, and my parents were mad I did not get diagnosed sooner. :icon_roll

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