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I gave compazine last night by slow IV push to a nauseated patient. About 7 minutes later she was panicky, saying she felt afraid, wanted to rip her cast off and run, was afraid to stay at the... Read More

  1. by   robby5313
    I too had this reaction. I accidentally OD'd myself on it, thinking it was Phenergan. Taking every 4 hours! Yikes! I just felt like I couldn't sit still. Just an unbelievable need to keep moving-restless-crawling out of my skin. WORST feeling EVER. I called my Dr and got Zyprexa. That helped Thank God! Didn't realize the mistake I had made until about a month later.
  2. by   robby5313
    Quote from rydinearth
    My experience with Compazine was many years ago, but it was so horrible, it is still vividly etched in my mind. I had a severe panic attack reaction, but it was not just anxiety and jitteriness. It was this excruciatingly unpleasant sensation of being "suspended", like the way you would feel the first second or so after jumping out of an airplane or from a high building, except it goes on and on for hours. There is no "settling down". It was horrible. I'd rather die than take it again.
    YESSSS! Perfect way to describe it!
  3. by   Hay Nars, RN
    I actually had this happen to me a few weeks ago one night at work. I was feeling a little nauseated so I took a compazine then started freaking out and twitching and going nuts. Needless to say my charge nurse had to walk me down to the ER and they had to give me an Ativan which really still didn't help and I had to call into work the next night.
  4. by   smorgan1228
    I had Relgan in the ER after having 2 doses of Zofran unsuccessfully and I had the same reaction and I was given Benadryl to counteract it. It was a horrible feeling. One minute I was fine and the next I felt like I was freaking out and I needed to leave and the doctor knew exactly what it was. My husband and sister-in-law thought I was nuts
  5. by   mellzie22
    Compazine and Reglan do this to me. I normally get Benadryl to counteract it. I describe it as making me feel like I need to crawl out of my skin. WORST FEELING!
  6. by   rgroyer1RNBSN
    Inapsine and compazine does this to me, which is bad considering I have alot of gi issues, my doctor had to give me atarax/valium/clonidine combo for this, I will just stick with zofran/anzemet.
  7. by   rgroyer1RNBSN
    I describe my feeling as a kangaroo oneth or speed.
  8. by   rgroyer1RNBSN
    My reaction feels like a kangaroo on meth. Lol