Dilaudid Question - page 4

Hello Everyone, Just wondering what is the largest dose of Dilaudid you have given IV push??? I know that it is usually 1-2mg but, have you seen it ordered and pushed in greater doses?? Thanks... Read More

  1. by   cherrybreeze
    These answers are just incredible to me. ER and PACU give higher doses (and I would say by that I mean like, 1mg at a time), but on the floor we CAN'T give more than 0.75mg per dose. Morphine IV is max of 5mg per dose.

  2. by   duchess_deni
    On the floor cherry you can't respond as quickly as the ER or Pacu or in my case the ICU, hence the higher doses.
    But you get up to 4mg of Dilaudid and then the Docs tell us to start Fentanyl IV and consult pharmD for pain mainagement. PharmD climbs through the pt's history and records and gives us a dose where to start.
    But you can tell a big difference, pt's looking for a high hate Fentanyl with a passion becasue there is little to no buzz, pt's in real pain love the stuff, you don't have to worry as much about resp. depression or BP issues. Unfortunately once the pt leaves the ICU they can no longer have the Fentanyl IV.
    I just wish I had a magic wand some nights. <sigh>
  3. by   Son Tava
    I gave 4mg once. Almost fell down. Yikes, that's a whopping dose.