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  1. Son Tava

    need help in developing critical thinking

    hi. critical thinking skills can't be learned in a nursing curriculum. forget it. if you want to hone your critical thinking, embark upon a classical education: history, language, literature, anthropology, mathematics, psychology (non-nursing), political science, arts, economics, science, et al.. how about a ba in english literature? listen, nursing is antithetical to critical thinking. think about what i say before responding. and once you attain a level of critical thought, do you really think you'll be honored within the profession? you'll be chastised if not eradicated.
  2. Son Tava

    IV Dilaudid problem patients!!!!!!!!!!!

    is that your scope of practice... to diagnose and then prescribe treatment? providers are faced daily with this ethical dilemma. nurses can judge and imagine that they have undertaken the hippocratic oath but that is not their role. argue your point with the providers and then follow their prescribed treatment - even if it abrades your puritan ethos.
  3. Son Tava

    What is your opinon of the nursing shortage?

    i understand that in many areas of the country, nurses have departed the profession due to toxic work environments. the predators that remain must sustain themselves on the next crop of unwitting new graduates or imported competition in unending diminutive cycle of survival.