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  1. Maybe just dreamining here but is it possible to work in another country (making a living as a nurse). Who out there has done it? I hear there are traveling nurse companies that will send you to Austrailia, any others?
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  3. by   Tim-GNP
    Figure out the country you want to go to, and find their web page on the internet.

    If you're interested in Australia, check their board of nursing page out at:

    I would not mind working in Ireland---- [being Irish, myself]--- check out their board, An Bord Altranais at:

  4. by   Tookie
    well done Tim
    I loved working in England and my nursing areer gave me 3 and half years of a fantastic life

    Oceanlover - sart checking out all your options - Nursing to me equates with travel (Ok when l did it 20 odd years ago it may have been easier)

    BTW Tim - Ireland - love it - beautiful place lovely memories
  5. by   Kaylesh
    I am a Massachusetts trained RN... Born and grew up in Mass...
    I have been living and working in Scotland for almost 4 years now.. I love it...
    Be prepared though.. you thought pay was bad in the US it is really bad here...
    You can live on it though and there are things more important than money(though money does help LOL)...
    I love it here and wouldn't change my decision knowing what i know now.
  6. by   PsychoRN
    I'm from the States and am currently working in Saipan. Even though it is a US territory it is more like living in a foreign country than part of the US. The pay isn't as good as in the States but the experience of living here makes up for it!
  7. by   oceanlover
    Thanks for responses. I get a feeling of freedom knowing I can go other places. Language can be a barrier. But we are limited only by our lack of imagination. (I'm parphrasing badly here.)
  8. by   PiedPiperRN
    This is an old topic so I am not sure who will see this...

    I highly recommend the Peace Corps ( and I am pretty sure that they always need nurses. Most of thier jobs are probably going to be education based, ie you will be teaching people hygene, self care, or you may do a project in something like HIV/AIDS awareness.

    They are a great place to start if you have never been overseas. They take real good care of you, have great classes to teach you the language and the culture, and they will send you to the most incredible locations.

    Kim (RPCV Samoa 2004-2006)