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All of the good and bad...i want to hear it ALL...trying to make up my mind..my bestest friend just signed her life away with them.... Read More

  1. by   caliotter3
    I wasn't aware that the publishing company administered the exams.
  2. by   TBLPN03
    Good morning! I'm a new user and I have noticed a comment that says outside entities i.e. TCN, Chancellor, etc are not needed to CLEP out of exams. My question is: How so is it possible? Or is just being registered with Excelsior beneficial? I have just applied with Excelsior and have Chancellor ringing my phone off the hook trying to get me to purchase their study material... I am extremely nervous with ALL of this as I have RECENTLY had a Horendous experience with another school that wasn't even online. ANY & ALL comments are welcomed. I REALLY am hoping to obtain my RN within the next year.. I just don't have the flexibilty in my schedule to go on campus with working Full-time and being a single parent of two small children. I have been an LPN since '03 & with the economy, that's not making it anymore. Once again. PLEASE HELPPP!!!!. Thanks again.
  3. by   TBLPN03
    Also, has anyone used Chancellor?? I am understanding that they are similiar to TCN...
  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Here is Excelsior's Position on TCN:"Notice to All Students Taking Excelsior College Examinations
    In response to numerous inquiries from students, Excelsior College wants to clarify that it is in no way associated with The College Network (TCN) its subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, or partners. Excelsior does not promote, endorse, or approve TCN's products or services. Excelsior College provides its students with all of the resources and support necessary to successfully complete its degree programs, especially the Associate degree in nursing. For assistance or further information, please contact an Excelsior College advisor at 888-647-2388."

    You can read the full advisory here: About Test Preparation Services - excelsior.edu

    You have access to the study guides for free from EC once enrolled. In addition, there are other much cheaper alternatives such as studyguide101.com to supplement the materials from EC that don't require a 3rd party non educational loan to finance.