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  1. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone here has done the University of Wyoming online program? If you did how did you find it? Hard? Easy? Somewhere in between?

    Also, did you work at the same time and how much? I would like to try to get through the program without taking out additional loans so I am trying to gauge if I could still work full-time. Even if you didn't go to UW online but are just looking in to see the answerss, how many of you worked while going full-time online and what were the pro's and cons of doing that.

    I would really appreciate any help I can get. I'm starting to get that panicked, am I ready for all of this again.

    Thanks everyone! Hope you have a great weekend!
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  3. by   Sugarcoma
    I am about to finish my first semester with University of Wyoming. I work full time and am taking 14 credit hours this semester and I have found this to be very do-able. I have older children and a supportive spouse so obviously that contributes to my ability to juggle full time school and work successfully. Most of my classmates also work full-time. You could always start with a part-time load and see how that works for you.

    The two nursing classes I have taken so far have been pretty easy but I have learned a lot from both. I was expecting both pharm and patho to be repeats of what I already learned in the ADN program I attended but I have to say that both courses have been very challenging. I would probably not take both courses in the same semester if I had it to do over again because they both require proctored exams and that can be a challenge schedule wise.
  4. by   RNShenanigator
    I am so glad that I found this board and have started to ask questions. I feel so much more at ease about this whole process. Thank you for answering my question. I was beginning to think that there weren't very many people that chose UW and I wasn't sure why. The cost is a lot cheaper compared to other programs out there, and the workload seems doable while working.
  5. by   vasfar2001
    I am starting my first class with the University of Wyoming May 16. Taking pathophysiology.I want to ease into things over the summer.I wanted to take the Wy constitution class but have been put into a wait list for that.I am looking forward to starting the nursing classes this fall.Hopefully we can all share in our experiences as we go along!
  6. by   RNShenanigator
    That would be great. I didn't know that the WY constitution class was closed already. Darn! hahaha
  7. by   DutchRN09
    I am starting in the Fall of this year, with pharmocology...
  8. by   vasfar2001
    Quote from DutchRN09
    I am starting in the Fall of this year, with pharmocology...


    I am taking pharmacology this fall too!
  9. by   vasfar2001

    Sorry I do not have enough posts to PM you back. When I enrolled in Pharmacology there were 2 sections open so I think chances are good that there will be open spots!
  10. by   chuckster
    A couple of questions for those in the U WY program.

    From what I gather, there is a 120 hour clinical component associated with the program. Is this correct and is it for one course only?

    There also appear to be proctored exams. How are these done - through an agency like PeasonVue?

    Thanks in advance - any information on the program would be helpful.
  11. by   vasfar2001

    The last course Nurs 4975 Professional Practium requires 120 hrs of clinical. 8 hours per week over the course of the 15 week semester in some type of community based nursing.

    If you live out of state you have the option of checking with your local schools or colleges for a proctor, another option listed is educational staff at your workplace.

    I wish I had more information to share but I am only into week 2 of my first class.
  12. by   chuckster
    Thanks vasfar2001 - appreciate the response.

    I've actually applied to another online program but their transcript evaluation was a nightmare process in which they've ignored much of my prior coursework and without providing any rationale, are insisting that I take 6 additional non-nursing undergrad courses. With 3 prior degrees and roughly 300 credits of coursework, I'm not really keen on taking a lot of additional classes, so I was looking at hopefully more reasonable alternatives such as U WY.

    While the U WY program seems great, the clinical requirement and to some degree, the need for proctoring may make it not viable. I do not presently work as an RN - not having an employee relationship with a local hospital will make it very difficult to schedule that 120 hour clinical rotation. While I do have some relationship with a number of local hospitals (as a volunteer EMT and past ambulance captain with my local fireco) none of these are willing to host me - or any other non-employee - for clinical sessions. In fact, many of the nursing programs in my area are also having difficulty in setting up clinical rotations, with some hospitals actually terminating relationships with colleges that span 20+ years.
  13. by   DutchRN09
    I finally received my paperwork in my e-mail, completed my background ck online and faxed my acceptance letter today. I hope there is still room in a class
  14. by   RNShenanigator
    I also received my paperwork this week but I have been busy with work (Noc shift) and did not receive it in time to call and ask about proctored exams.

    Since a few of you already take classes there can someone tell me how this is done? Through Pearson Vue or through some other route?

    Thanks for the information. Hope everyone is having a great weekend and Congrats on getting in.