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Hi All, I'm new to this site and to the field of nursing. Has anyone gone to this school and if so, what did you think? I live in San Diego, CA, and there is an online program that this... Read More

  1. by   nancerino
    You'll only need to wear the wine colored scrubs when you go to the hospital. For lab days, we wore any colored scrubs. On days when we only had an exam, we were allowed to wear regular clothes. I'm not sure if they will continue to allow this, but that's what we did for 2 semesters. I ended up wearing scrubs most of the days just cuz it was easier. Also, those Landau scrubs has really held up thru many washes. They're definitely worth it.

    Here's a link for the textbooks that you'll need...
    FYI, the books I used were older versions & I had no problem finding the correct information during the semester. It really helped to save some $!
  2. by   Lenore22
    Thanks for the info! How do I PM you??
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    I am unable to access the classifieds forum. Is there a different link I can use? I tried to do a search for it but nothing is coming up.
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  6. by   laura06baby
    Hi everyone

    can anyone please tell me how are we going to access the google calendar???? I did sign in into the Angel account but I only see the Angel calendar. I want to find out when the exams are scheduled etc
  7. by   boogeysmomRN
    Quote from laura06baby
    Hi everyone

    can anyone please tell me how are we going to access the google calendar???? I did sign in into the Angel account but I only see the Angel calendar. I want to find out when the exams are scheduled etc
    When you click onto the community course, there is a tab at the top called modules, then you'll see First semester, second, etc... click on your semester, and there should be a calendar selection under there or it could be called schedule... yeah, its called first semester schedule.
  8. by   laura06baby
    Thank you I got it...I guess the site was not ready this morning...

    ALso I need to know if for Human Exp the instructor expects us to take the quizzes on the calendar date that he posted it....from my understanding he is not but I just want to make sure....
  9. by   laura06baby
    I guess I am the only one left on this board and the only one confused lol

    I cant find the Health Assessment class due dates for assignment. The prof sent an email saying everything is posted...none of my calendars show them....anyone has them????
  10. by   KT17
    Hey Laura,

    I haven't seen an email from the Health Assessment professor...was it through ANGEL course mail or the OU account?

    Also, can you confirm what it is we have to have done by monday for skills lab?

  11. by   laura06baby
    hi KT
    yes it was through Angel...
    For skills lab I am reading ch 13 and take the quiz which just for this week it does not need to be done before class....
    how do you feel about all the reading for the week???
    what clinical group are you in?
  12. by   laura06baby
    I have yet another question for those in the program about studying tips....

    did you find necessary to outline each chapter you read for classes such as Human Experience or Health Assessment????
  13. by   ou09grad
    I believe the San Diego Angel is set up a little differently than Glendale, so I can't give you much advice on how to find your calendar information. Our community module was always pretty much empty with no info, and definitely not a calendar. Angel has been up for a few days now, but I haven't explored it completely (enjoying my last few days of break before preceptorship starts).

    Studying for 1st semester - Use the module objectives as your guide. Read the material a couple times but focus on what the objectives are asking you and make a study guide from that and you will do well on the exams. Check to see if the text CDROM's have extra quizzes and materials. Wong's and Hockenberry's have helpful text quizzes for Family Focus in 2nd semester. We weren't told about those until it was pretty much too late. I'll see if I can come up with some more tips for 1st semester. It feels like a long time ago so I'm a little shady on that.

    Nancerino - I got your PM, but I don't have PM functions. As for help with the 3rd semester, I can certainly tell you NOTHING will be as bad as what you guys just went through. I found Psych relatively easy. Lot's of theory stuff to memorize, and not as much application as A&C I or II. The problem with Psych (as far as clinicals go) for most of us was the sheer volume of paperwork. It was overwhelming, or it may have just been because we were compacting it to 10 weeks. I'm not really sure. In any case, I found A&C II to be easier than A&C I. Definitely builds on everything you have learned up to now. If you have specific questions about 3rd semester let me know.

    The evolve book package wasn't as necessary during 3rd semester as 1st and 2nd. I barely even used it. The only book I really used was the Psych Foundations book, and it was pretty easy to just crack the book open the old fashioned way.