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Hi All, I'm new to this site and to the field of nursing. Has anyone gone to this school and if so, what did you think? I live in San Diego, CA, and there is an online program that this... Read More

  1. by   laura06baby
    strange...because I remember being told we get a letter either way!!!

    does anyone know which GPA they look at? I know science GPA and last 60 credits....was it also general GPA? is this for BA only or for every class we ever took?
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  2. by   Pe1980
    yes Laura, same email. I just called and was told not all alternates received email an whoever receive the email can attend open house. it is even harder now to wait and see what happens .
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  3. by   zzyzx
    They only look at two things and nothing else: science GPA and recent GPA (I believe the last 60 credits).
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  4. by   CentralCA
    regarding vaccines...

    Does anyone know how recent the titers have to be? I had them done last October and I'm hoping I don't have to redo them.
  5. by   wendy99
    Does anyone know the clinic days and hours look like in Glendale? I am alternate in SD, but havent got any open house email yet. So I guess the chance is I have to up tp Glendale.
    If anyone knows the clinic days and schedule like there, please let me know. Thanks.
  6. by   laura06baby
    PE1980 I would think it is a good sign that you have to attend the open house
  7. by   magxter
    So I got my letter today .. I'm an alternate ( Glendale )
    I called the office and they said they should send out an email about the Open House tomorrow.
  8. by   deemalt
    Congrats to those of you in the next cohort! I saw that some people were wondering how much time they are on campus and in clinicals. You will be on campus almost everyday in the first week or so. After that, you have a 2 hour skills lab 1xweek, health assessment 1xweek for 2 hours, and an exam every other week or so. Clinicals are at one of the Sharp hospitals in SD - could be Grossmont, Chula Vista, Coronado, or Memorial. You will have to go in for a pre-clinical the day before your clinical to research your patient. Then your clinical day is about 8 hours. Then there are community events which could be anywhere around SD. I'm sure Glendale is the same w/ different hospitals.

    Keep this in mind for those of you who are planning to commute. Even though it's on on-line school you have group projects and other campus things that they will spring on you at the last minute.

    Another thing - ask as many questions as you can at open house/orientation and don't take vague answers! I know it seems like alot but just think about all the people that have pulled it off before you! It does settle down and you will get into the groove of things after a few weeks so don't worry.

    Good luck and please post if there are any questions, OK?
  9. by   Roushel
    So I did get in at SD and I am also an alternate at Glendale. So see you guys at the orientation!!!
  10. by   laura06baby
    congrats Roushel
  11. by   laura06baby
    What are we going to do during the health assesment class? (sorry for the silly question
  12. by   boogeysmomRN
    Quote from laura06baby
    What are we going to do during the health assesment class? (sorry for the silly question
    You'll actually physically be practicing/learning how to do physical assessments - head to toe. The professors for this particular lab/class are very sweet and helpful.
  13. by   fairytale85
    i'm an alternate for SD.. but never received an e-mail about the open house :-(

    not so hopeful anymore... any other alternates not get an e-mail?

    Congrats to all who are excepted.. you will have an awesome time in school & future in nursing.. wish i could join you :-) best of luck!