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Hi All, I'm new to this site and to the field of nursing. Has anyone gone to this school and if so, what did you think? I live in San Diego, CA, and there is an online program that this... Read More

  1. by   CentralCA
    I applied for Glendale...I imagine SD has more applicants
  2. by   laura06baby
    yes, it does
  3. by   deemalt

    Regarding taking your pre-reqs on line...
    This is a great way to get them done in the least amount of time with the least amount of work. In some cases it can be an easy A. They are also a great way to get used to doing coursework online.

    Down side is they can be really expensive. If I have one regret about my prereqs it is that I took Anatomy and Physiology online. If you have the choice and the time, try to take these in a classroom setting. The reason for this is that these classes are the basis for everything that you will learn in your nursing program. I took these at Universty of Phoenix and got A's but learned next to nothing. I find that I am needing to do quite a bit of review on some basic concepts that I should have learned in my prereqs. I'm doing fine and made it to 3rd semester but I just feel that I would have a better understanding of concepts had I taken A&P in a classroom with a real lab.

    Taking these classes on line may get you in faster which is why I did it but I suppose that is a personal choice. Some of the personnel at OU are a great resource - one I talked with can tell you where there are online classes available - many that are cheaper than UOP. Also, CLEP out of classes when you can - a great time/money saver.

    Good Luck!
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  4. by   LaLaws
    I also applied to Glendale. Last I heard was that there are about 60 applicants for 24 spots.
  5. by   CentralCA
    Wow...I thought Glendale going to open it up to a lot more students for Fall 09. But I have a friend in the inaugural class right now and it sounds like there were a lot of "kinks" in the program still. Maybe that's why there are only 24 spots for Fall?
  6. by   laura06baby
    can someone please post a list with the required vaccinations...I know there was a post about it but it was a bit confusing
    thank you all!
  7. by   laura06baby
    can someone please tell me when was the earliest the acceptance letters/emails were sent? I applied for the fall cohort and I cant wait to find out...
  8. by   boogeysmomRN
    Quote from laura06baby
    can someone please tell me when was the earliest the acceptance letters/emails were sent? I applied for the fall cohort and I cant wait to find out...
    I'm from the Fall 2008 cohort and we got our acceptance emails on 7/18, start date in late Aug. Just a little over a month before school started.
  9. by   laura06baby
    great...thank you ...they take so long to answer
    can you believe you are almost done? I remembered when you applied and got accepted
  10. by   bonnieblu02
    Wow I haven't been on here in forever. I didn't make the cut for summer and stayed as an alternate. I had to redo the application and pay again to apply for fall. I really hope i make it this time now that i finished my prerequisites! I am a little discouraged though...i had a friend who went to one of the Information Meetings this week and she said the counselor told them they received the most applications ever for fall...200.... I am super bummed! My GPAs aren't great so I can't image getting in if everyone has high gpas...pretty hard to be optimistic, but good luck everyone who applied!
  11. by   LaLaws
    Did they receive 200 applications for SD or Glendale? Thanks!
  12. by   laura06baby
    ughhh 200 wow

    of course our luck when we apply they have the most applications
    I do believe this is for SD ..last time I checked there were 180 for SD...I wonder how many they will accept ...looking at the summer semester it does not look good
  13. by   BenGRN
    I have heard that they are having difficulty getting enough clinical hours through the local hospitals and that there are not enough clinical instructors for all of the students they were accepting. Either way, if you are having trouble with pre-reqs and had low GPA as a result, I would recommend reinforcing those subjects. The program is difficult, and you will have a lot of challenges in doing well. Time management is key, and even that doesn't help for the summer semester when you take 16 credits in 10 weeks. I don't mean to discourage you at all, just be realistic so you can do well when you get accepted Good Luck!