the Excelsior wait

  1. What is the deal with the wait for the CPNE and then the wait for graduation processing anyway? Didn't they just increase the cost of the CPNE (again)? Wouldn't that cover the pay for the extra manpower to get the papers pushed to the right place in a reasonable time frame?
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  3. by   EricJRN
    I was in Amarillo testing only a few weeks after sending in my paperwork. What are the wait times like now?
  4. by   rehab nurse
    I became CPNE eligible in March. Sent out my CPNE app end of March, for Madison, and got my date in May to test in October. So about 7 month wait between applying and testing.

    But, the worst thing is, that my graduation date won't be until December 15. That's two and a half months from CPNE completion to graduation.

    Hurry up and wait, hurry up and wait. That seems to be the problem. I loved EC's flexibility, but I don't like waiting 6 weeks for files to be updated. With about 18,000 current nursing students, I really think they need more CPNE sites and more people to do the necessary paperwork. I know there is a nursing instructior shortage that impacts EC as much as any school, but it's still disheartening to have to wait so long.
  5. by   penelopeCRTT
    I live in northern Wisc., and have just applied to EC. Still in the evaluation phase...I'm a full time homemaker with a Resp. Care Pract. license.

    This looks like the best route to go, but the testing distance is a concern. I'm hoping I can apply for hardship, since I'm at least 250 miles from Madison. If not, driving nearly 4 hrs to test is not a viable option.

    After reading your experience with the CPNE wait, I'm amazed it takes so long. You will have waited 8 mos from completion of courses to graduation!
    Then how long before you can take your RN boards? I'm assuming you would license in the state of Wisconsin.
    Are there any other viable distance learing schools in our state or in your opinion is EC the best we have to work with?
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  6. by   yvonnemuse
    I became CPNE eligible at the end of December and had a date less than two months from then. From what I have heard New York sites have the most availability and if you are willing to take a cancellation date and travel on the spur of the moment,you can test quite quickly.I wished I could have taken the NCLEX right away after the CPNE but realized I did need the time to decompress and gather anew study stategy...Best of luck!