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Hi can anyone tell me if The College Network is a great independent study program that works well w/ EC? I will like to start next month but want to make sure I know everything I will be getting into.... Read More

  1. by   Spazzy Nurse
    Quote from firepilot17
    In my opinion, and I'm scheduled to take NC1 in the next week, the EC study guides are as vague as you can get. They are not easy to follow to research exactly what they want you to know. Maybe it will get easier as I go through the nursing exams, but for now, they don't help much.
    You're right--- they're not. But that is also why they work. You get a broad outline and by making it very detailed you are studying.

    You'll get used to them. Best of luck on your exam!!
  2. by   Dixiecup
    Quote from CSLee3
    I wonder if anyone tried to send all the study guides back to them and quit paying the fees. Would they hire Guido to come and get you or sue?
    I did just that. I signed up without researching other avenues. When I finally did look at some other options I found out that the college network had me taking about 10 classes I didn't need. I never used the material at all and sent it all back.

    They hounded me for about a year and then I guess they gave up because I never hear from them anymore.
  3. by   RYLEE228
    I'm An Lpn Working In Ltc. I've Completed All My Prereq's At Our Local College But Now Have To Wait To Get Into Transition Until Next Year. Thinking About Excelsior. I'm A Good Test Taker/solo Learner But I'm Also Not Sure About Excelsior. I Met With College Network. I Was Advised I Would Only Need To Take The Nursing Portion (all My Prereqs Tranfer). I Don't Know Anyone Who Has Went Through Excelsior And Hear Alot Of Negative Feedback About The Fail Rate Of The Clinical Portion And How Alot Of States Aren't Wanting To Recognize The Program Anymore. I Would Love It If Someone Would Reply To This, Expecially Someone In The Program Or Has Completed It. How Long Does It Take For The Nursing Portion To Be Completed? Thanks To All! This Is My First Time On Here So I Apologize If I Didn't List This In The Right Area. Hope To Hear From Someone Soon!
  4. by   Spazzy Nurse
    Quote from RYLEE228
    I Met With College Network. I Was Advised I Would Only Need To Take The Nursing Portion (all My Prereqs Tranfer).
    Just remember, it was College Network who told you your courses will transfer, NOT EC. As you probably know, CN is in NO WAY affiliated with EC. EC has the final say in the matter of courses which will transfer. CN can give you somewhat of an idea, but nothing is for sure until EC says it.
  5. by   Ziptac
    Hey Rylee,

    I didn't see your question answered so here ya go!

    Excelsior college is a good school and will get you to your RN (ASN). The path through Excelsior can be tough if you do not know what you're doing. Honestly, the classroom is where some of us procrastinators need to go into in order to learn. Other of us can do a mighty fine job of just reading and getting all the stuff we need. They are accredited in most states. It is important to call your local board to be sure. Being personally motivated is important though!

    As for the clinical portion, it is tough. I guess they have to be because it is a one weekend thing. EC publishes a book that gets you all the stuff you can be tested on. That means they give you a book with all the answers. The fee is nasty so you'll want to be ready. The reason nurses fail is because they don't do it per the book. People fail because of not washing their hands enough, or bedrails, or dropping stuff and re-using it. We're talking duuuuuuh. The book is all you need. <---one addendum, you may need to be currently working. Do your work per the book and that'll make it easier.

    Which brings me to the next point (answering the title of the thread). My personal experience with the college network has been a good one. Excelsior's study guides ask you to get multiple books and in some cases journal articles. They are also very vague and leave too much up in the air. The college network took that guess work out for me. <---First time pass. I priced the books recommended by EC out via the web and for each class was spending a bit more than I was ready for. If I were to have gone through each book I would have wasted more time than it was worth. College network financed my study materials for me making it easier to bear. Had I bought book after book I would have needed to wait months to get into another course. As it was, I was able to become an RN faster because I had no guess work and I had my bearable monthly payment. I passed tests quicker because I had exactly what I needed. Which means I didn't lose that potential income.

    With all that being said, distance learning isn't for everyone. I had my days of motivation issues. Also, I picked college network over the other ones mentioned earlier because they actually have partnerships with real universities and the NLN.

    Oh and here is the Maryland quote from the Maryland Board of Nursing:

    Excelsior is not an approved program and it was

    bought back for clarification of last months notion.
    Excelsior College does not meet Maryland nursing
    program requirements because it does not offer
    academic or clinical learning experiences.

    They had a notice saying if you are enrolled before such and such date...

    I guess if I were to sum all my rambling up, it would be, know your options and pick the one that works best for you.


    p.s. I am using the college network for another degree through another university!

  6. by   Mudwoman
    College Network. AUGH! I bought the 7 study guides and I did use them, but I also used the text books that EC recommended. I will make someone a great deal on these! The state of Arkansas has a class action suit pending against College Network. College Network sent out an ugly letter stating that if we loose, they are going to sue us for damages. So what.

    I did Excelsior because I just can't fit regular classes into my schedule now. I spent years taking a class at a time at the local community college to get in all my pre-reqs. I have finished everything and I'm now waiting for my scheduled CPNE date.

    It is easy to get side tracked with Excelsior. At one point, I just could not get motivated to study and if you fail one of the tests, you have to be able to pick yourself up and try again. It is not necessarily the fastest track to RN, but it is the most flexible.
  7. by   elidel
    Hello I'm Elidel I will be starting Excelsior college and the counceslor told me that I am able to purchases my books on my own. I do not have to go to a publisher or sign a contract. U can buy your books on your own ebay, halfprice, amazon and its very very inexpensive than signing a contract. I also hear there is alot of reading material. Does anyone know of anyone who has taken the clinical exam through excelsior. And how was it? I have heard several stories like they only give u 3 chances to pass the clinical examination. elidel
  8. by   JentheRN05
    Don't waste $2000 on books you can get for free. All The College Network" is is an expensive bookstore. Please please don't waste your money - it's no more than what you learn in school.
  9. by   susyn153
    I have a ton of guides and the Nclex-rn guides for sale. If anyone is interested please contact me
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