straightliner courses: Math are they proctored exams?

  1. I am looking to complete a college math course that will transfer to excelsior college. I am really looking for something I can do online without proctored exams as I am fulltime nurse that works nights on a 3-2 schedule so I dont have a lot of free time to go an take tests at a site. Does anyone know if straightliner tests are proctored?
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  3. by   2ndcareerchange
    no, they are not. You have to call in to say you are alone and only you are taking the test, this is one of the reasons i believe not to many schools except their partnership schools take them.
  4. by   tsm007
    They are only proctored for certain schools, but even if you have to proctor they do online proctoring and that's only with the final exam. WGU requires proctoring, but really it was no big deal. You just needed a web cam and that's about it.