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  1. Hi everyone, I applied to the Southern New Hampshire University online RN to BSN program today and from what I can see its a fairly new online offering for them. I was wondering if there is anyone who is currently enrolled in the program that can tell me what their experiences have been.
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  3. by   Vishwamitr
    Dear Schry2005,
    Seems to me that you are tying the cart before the horse. I would do my homework first and then apply. (You are giving away a lot of personal information to an institution that you may not end up joining).
    I don't know anything about SNHU but there are many uncredentialed, fly-by-night 'schools' mushrooming all over my city of Miami that I'd be vary of. Your 'degree' may not be acceptable by many employers if the institution does not meet their standards. So please be an informed consumer. I hope you do not feel offended (Allnurses has reprimanded me in the past for speaking my mind and deducted "points". Now I can't get a free ticket to Paris because of insufficient points).

    SNHU received CCNE accreditation on Jan 13, 2014.
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  4. by   woodsyny
    I know one of the nursing instructors there and it is an excellent program. They have just started not too long ago, but it sounds like a wonderful program.
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    I assume you mean Southern New Hampshire University, in Manchester, NH? All I know is that the brick-and-mortar school has been around for a while.
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    The SNHU program was just created this year- so I doubt you will find anyone who has graduated yet. =) SNHU is indeed a brick and mortar school in Manchester NH with several satellite locations in NH. It is a well known school in New England and has been around for a while. I do think they just invested a major amount of money into advertising their online program around the country- I recently saw a commercial for it while in Dallas, on the local TV network.

    The program was created in partnership with the NH technical schools' (community colleges) nursing programs (students graduating form nursing programs from the NH technical schools can automatically enroll right into the BSN program and receive discounted tuition.) I recently graduated from a NH technical school with my ADN and was encouraged to enroll. I know the professors in my program were working with SNHU to help create the program throughout the last year, and as far as I know they were working with nursing professors from other programs at technical schools in our state. I don't think the program is fully accredited yet, but from what my dean told me they will be accredited ASAP. (from their website: "Our online nursing programs were created based on Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education accreditation requirements. SNHU is a provisional member of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing and is seeking CCNE accreditation.") The accreditation might be the only thing that could hold you back- but honestly I don't think most employers will check or care, but you may run into an issue if you are considering pursing an MS or a PhD at a different university down the line.

    Here is the bad news- my experience with admissions so far has been less from perfect. The "admissions" counselor I talked to was sweet and nice, but wasn't super helpful and seemed to be reading off a protocol (I had to repeat 3 times that I had graduated this year before she finally got it and was able to deal with my questions correctly). But, honestly I think now-a-days most high level education institutes have pretty crappy beauracracy and sad customer service. I have also never worked with an online only program, so maybe my experience was standard for online programs (I have a previous BS and have attended 2 other universities) Despite this, I am probably going to go ahead and enroll, since I will receive discounted tuition and most jobs where I am now are insisting I have a plan in place for achieving a BSN. I am currently waiting to see what they accept as transfers from my other schools.

    Good luck!
  8. by   caddywompus
    I am enrolled at SNHU. I started as a Creative Writing major, but recently switched to RN-BSN with plans to finish the writing degree after nursing. I live in GA and have my ASN from Excelsior. I start my first nursing course in about 12 weeks, and this coming up term will be my fourth with the school. They have been wonderful. I contacted them about CCNE accreditation and they said they expect the program to be accredited in October of 2014, but that once it is accredited, the accreditation will be retroactive.
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    I just wanted to add that I did check to see that they were actually in the accreditation process. Being that they are regionally accredited and not by any means a new school, I have no doubt they will get their CCNE accreditation. It is a small risk since there is always a chance, but it is a great school and it is non-profit.
  10. by   roseonye
    i applied and was to start in jan 2013, although i had to take few classes it would take forever to finish, 18months to be exact and i didnt even spend that long when i was doing the RN program. So i went with chamberlain and i love it. i graduate in nov 2013 only 9months
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    Here is a video explaining their accreditation process and where they stand right now...

    CCNE Nursing Accreditation at SNHU - YouTube
  12. by   caddywompus
    Thanks for the video! It really is a great school
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    How are things going at SNHU ? Looks like a great program. I'd appreciate any information you would like to share. Thanks !
  14. by   Kathleen-RN
    Was wondering how your studies are going at SNHU? I am thinking of applying there and would like any information you could share.