Should I take NC1? (I forgot what the new name is)

  1. hello guys. i am still an lpn student and will be graduating in approximately six weeks. i am taking my last class-peds.

    then, after passing peds, i have to take like 4 exit exams:
    1. growth & development
    2. pharmacology
    3. r-net (sp?) (like nclex)
    4. nln test.

    i need to pass all four before i can take the nclex. if you fail one, i have to go back for 4 weeks and do a review on that particular one. then you will add 4 weeks on each if you fail more exits.

    anyway, my question is i am planning to take nc1 before taking all my exits because that is like the fundaments class, right? my friend who graduated last semester told me that alot of the exits were from my fundamentals class. so i want to take nc1 as a review so i get 2 in 1 benefit. ofcourse i will also supplement my studying for the exits.

    so, do you think my plan would be beneficial for me? or i should just focus on my lpn exits and nclex-pn then think of excelsior when i am "totally" done with my lpn program and licensed. i have most of the pre-reqs for the rn because i took 'em in college before starting my lpn program. i just need micro and lifespan i think. thank you guys.

    i hope to be enrolled in excelsior soon. you guys are the best.

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  3. by   NC Girl BSN
    I think you should wait and take the exam after you finish your LPN program. Why add stress to an already stressful time. EC will always be there and you can't continue the EC program if your not an LPN. Start EC after you pass your nursing boards. Just my 2 cents. Good Luck! I remember how stressful my last few weeks of nursing was. I honestly don't know how I got through it and kept my sanity.
  4. by   Lovely_RN
    I'm a new LPN grad and I recommend that you focus on graduating from school and passing NCLEX first.

    They hit us with a killer "weed 'em out" final at the end. If I had been focusing on studying for EC there is no way I would have passed.

    The 6 weeks will fly by before you know it and once you do the NCLEX you will have all the time in the world for EC.

    Good luck!
  5. by   agldragonRN
    isn't the nc1 like the fundamentals of nursing?? is it really hard?
    most likely, i will follow your advice though.

    yeah, i am kinda afraid of a last "killer weed-out final", hopefully not though. that is why these next 9 days that i am off from school i will pre-read all the chapters in my peds book (like 16 chapters).

    i am still not sure though.

  6. by   Pixie.RN
    A lot of people seem to fail NC1 the first time around, actually -- I think they don't make it too easy on purpose. I'd focus on the current task so that you can really give Excelsior 100% of your attention once you're an LPN. Good luck on your upcoming exams!
  7. by   agldragonRN
    thank you guys. you guys are the best! yep i will focus 100% percent on my lpn then do ec later. i hope to be in your shoes very soon. good luck everyone on your upcoming tests and the cpne.