RUE study material,how is it?

  1. Has anyone used rue study materials if so,how r they? I've viewed the tape they sent to me and spoke to ed spec. and I'm ready to jump on board and get busy. Yes I'm aware of the Illinois BON requirements but plan to relocate anyway. I'm self motivated and love nursing.
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    I started out trying to use rue, but eventually turned to chancellors.

    I felt as though chancellors study guides had all the information in one book, but rue had you finding the answers in textbooks and doing the questions in the study guides. This is helpful to some, but for me the "one book" study method worked better.

    I think Rue sends study modules very similar to Excelsior which could be to your advantage. Good luck!!!
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    thanks Happynproud, I'm looking forward to receiving my material in the next week or two. I'll keep u posted,again thanx for your reply!!
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    thanks Happynproud, I'm looking forward to receiving my material in the next week or two. I'll keep u posted,again thanx for your reply!!

    Hi ...I am also from Illinois and I am using the RUE system ... I am glad that I chose them .... they do all the research etc ... all you have to do is study and learn it .... I started in June of 2003 and I am already getting ready to do test#5 ...I had to do all my pre-req's... There is 15 exams that I have to take before I can do cpne's ....Hope this helps ...also, for Illinois all you have to do is work as an RN in a hospital setting for 2 years then you can apply for Illinois license ... there is no certain amount of hours justr the 2 years and hospital setting....hope this helps ...any firther questions e-mail me privately because I don't get to this site too often...Veda
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    Up untill a week ago I had just heard "Stay away from teh publishing companies!" so I've recently started studying by simply reading a text. About a week ago I met an EC Grad that finished teh ASN program about 4 years ago using the RUE system as went start to finish in under a year. That conversation has made me think about them a little more and am now trying to get more information.

    He described a packet that gave information and then where it was taken form in the texts, is this still the way it is?

    What do they offer? I will be googling Rue when I get off allnurses.

    I think I would do betteer with a bit more of a structure than just studying on my own, does Rue give this?

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Rue study system is structured in that it gives all you need to pass the exam ... it has a workbook along with each course ..tells you what chapters to read in the text book before doing the workbook .... but I feel you also to have to be structured ...I started in June and hope to be completed by March or April 2005 ... I needed all the pre-req's ... so in 20 months I will have taken 9 pre-reqs and 7 nursing classes....hope this helps...
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