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Could you advice on any really good, cheap, ADN(RN) to BSN Program.....for Oregon Nurses. Edgar... Read More

  1. by   Flames9_RN
    Quote from TheCommuter
    It's a competency-based program, not a time-based program. Therefore, if you're already knowledgeable on the subject matter, you can prove your competency, earn your three credits, and move on to the next course.

    I've sat through 16-week traditional semester courses at the community college that only consisted of a midterm and the final exam. Less of my time would have been wasted if I had spent a week preparing for the midterm and perhaps another week preparing for the final exam.

    The amount of time one spends completing a course is not an accurate indicator of the amount of knowledge (s)he's accruing.
    Agree, more time does not equal better education. Just curious about the program, that is all. Thanks
  2. by   klone
    And a course not being difficult does not mean you don't learn anything. I did not find it to be a difficult program. Nevertheless, I did learn a lot from it, and feel that it prepared me well for the next steps in my career.