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OK, just let me start by saying....I think pre reqs are nuts. I have been doing my pre reqs for Excelsior.....doing just fine...now I have stumbled and fallen twice with A&P....the one I thought I... Read More

  1. by   Agnus
    I can't imagine taking A&P this way. Have you considered a traditional class. Remember you do not have to do all your prereques for this by exam.

    You might consider auditing a class. Sometimes the tuition to audit is less and they tend to let you in even if a class is full if you are only going to audit. Then you could get your credit by excelsior exam. Remember you do not necessairly need to take the lab if you are just going to audit so that should be a tuition savings as well.
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  2. by   debRNo1
    Originally posted by Roozeyk
    ....what WAS I thinking when I started this??
    I took A&P exam in 1996 and it was one of the first exams I took, fortunately for me I love anatomy and passed with an A. I used my old Marieb anatomy book from LPN school and got the coloring workbook that goes with it. I used Excelsior study guide too. I studied for about 6 months. A friend was taking it at a local college and it was intense. I thought the exam was pretty basic so just dont read to far into the questions.

    You can do this because I did and it took me five years. Need encouragement .............

    After years of studying and testing I had ONE test left to take my clinical. It was occupational stragities- peice of cake I thought- not nursing not science just BS rules and laws.............
    soooo I hardly studied and afterall I was practically done. Went down and took the test which seemed not so bad. I nearly died when the guy handed me my grade
    then knew me at this sylvan center and he looked funny then it hit me I failed. Holy cow I was devastated BUT went home restudied and passed with a B.

    I also had to take life span test after I had already passed the clinical. Seems they didnt accept the child dev. class I took that summer. They wanted birth thru death and my class was birth to 18 yo !!! So I did it, passed and took the boards.

    The moral of the story DO NOT GIVE UP YOU can do this.
    It took me five long years and I thought I would never be done. Step back and refocus, study for another test sometimes you gotta do that, put an area away and refocus on another. This is not an EASY way to get a degree but it can be done just dont give up............

    good luck


    Excelsior grad '01
  3. by   back2school
    I am using an old Marieb textbook also. I borrowed the text recommended by Excelsior from our library and it had way too much extra information. I felt overwhelmed. Marieb also has a web-site to test yourself on each chapter. I have found it helps me know how well I have retained what I've read.

    The Cliff notes sound like a great idea. If I hadn't already read my text and taken notes, I would have bought it to spare myself the work! I hope to take an easier route with Micro!


    Toni-also in SE PA
  4. by   Spazzy Nurse
    I used an old A&P book too, from BEFORE I was even in LPN school, back when I was going for surgical tech, then paramedic.... back in the days where I couldn't make up my mind.
    If I would've known about the Cliff's Notes for A&P when I took it last fall, I would've definitely gotten them. They sound like a Godsend.
  5. by   niteshiftnurse
    what are cliff notes
  6. by   Spazzy Nurse
    They're condensed versions of something larger, like some novels. You can always tell Cliff's Notes because they all have the same cover. Here is a link to them for A&P:
  7. by   kavi
    I was reading through the Excelsior student site---you weed through a lot of talk and questions. But someone else mentioned using the Cliff Notes for A & P. That they had used them and aced the test.

    So I recently bought the Cliff Notes and I'm so glad that I did. It seems to keep things in focus----the textbook and lab book have SO many details. So I think there may be a good idea in using this. I just hope they don't c hange the test.
  8. by   Tim-GNP
    There is a bright side!

    Many people think distance education is 'easy' or for 'idiots' who could not make it in 'real college' [whatever that may be]. If you were getting through something as hard as A&P with minimal effort- either your a MENSA member or the course is substandard.

    Everyone else has given excellent advice on studying for A&P. It's one of those classes that you sort of have to 'survive.' My last piece of advice, is try to understand the material versus memorize. Memory fails- understanding prevails!

    Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!
  9. by   niteshiftnurse
    I just bought Cliff notes for A&P. what a great book. Do they come in other subjects also??
  10. by   mona b RN
    I have been using the Cliff's notes for a&p too. When I first started with a&p, I bought the Martini book and study guide. The text book is just way too much and I find myself reaching for Cliff's notes and my "Anatomy, The Easy Way" book. I also rely on a little book from Springhouse for A&P. I just keep reading the chapters over and over again. I am also using the study guide because it reinforces important info.

    mona b
  11. by   mgb
    Trust me you can do this. It is hard to do but it will be worth doing and think of how proud you will be when you accomplished it. I got my RN thru Univ of NY (before they were called Excelcior) while working full time in acute care, new husband (trying to be perfect wife), a 2 year old stepdaughter and a baby on the way! Just keep plugging away at it. You can do it. It is worth it.