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  1. I am going to purchase the practical exam ,but just got to know that I have to pay the real exam first. Does anyone know how long can I get the entry to the online practical exam after the payment?
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  3. by   anticoagulationurse
    Hello- what practical exam are you referring to? if you're talking about the CPNE for Excelsior College...I'm unaware of an online practical exam. There are workshops EC and other private places offer, but they are in person as far as I know. You should call EC for more details.
  4. by   EricJRN
    I believe Singlelife is referring to the online practice exams, rather than the practical exams. Once you're enrolled in EC and register for an exam, you should be able to register for exams online and access the online practice exams right away. You should be able to access the practice exam (actually two versions of it) for 120 days after the date you purchased the practice exam. Signing up for the real exam and ordering the practice exams are really two separate things with two separate payments.
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  5. by   anticoagulationurse
    Ahhh, I totally recommend the online practice exams! Used em for each NC real exam. You can access them immediately after paying.
  6. by   singlelife
    Yes, I mean the practice exam. But it is true you have to pay for the real exam before you take the practice exam .This is a new rule .
  7. by   NRSNFL
    I'm curious about EC, do you all just get a study guide of one sort or another, read the material and show up somewhere to test out on it? I've been trying to piece the information together here and there but am just asking out of confusion. I'm hoping this might be a good route for me, my brother is taking classes here on EC and he likes it. Just curious.
  8. by   Medic2RN
    Excelsior has content guides for each class, similar to a syllabus one would use at a traditional school. It contains points you need to know, the booklist, and the chapters to read for that class. The difference is that you do not go to class, you teach yourself. When you have completed your studying, you take the test. Whatever you score is the grade you get for that particular class.
    I would recommend browing throught the Excelsior website. You can read a lot about the program and view any of the content guides.
    Best of luck to you!!
  9. by   singlelife
    Can anyone kindly tell me when is the four graduation time? I didn't find them in Excelsior.
  10. by   anticoagulationurse
    Not sure, but I imagine it's quarterly like most colleges. Like, March, June Sep, Dec. You could call EC to find out.
  11. by   rehab nurse
    EC has monthly conferral dates, you must reach a cutoff of completion for the CPNE and also all prereqs

    Here is a PDF file of EC's graduation dates for 2006 on:

    For those of you wondering where I got this, I went under Examination Resource Guides (where you download the online version of the content guides, and under MISC is a graduation resource file....that's where it was)

    Good Luck!!!
  12. by   singlelife
    I am sorry, but I don't understand this form listed above. For instance,If I took CPNE on June. 20th, then I will get a graduation date on 18 th, Aug?
  13. by   rehab nurse
    yes, each graduation date has cut off dates for all exams and a separate date for the cpne. it takes them time (usually 3 weeks-6weeks) to update your file and your status so it reflects everything.

    so once you have everything completed, you can look at your dates and see when you're graduation date will be.

    some states you just need a finished (complete) transcript showing your future graduation date and that you have successfully completed all program elements. my state does just that, so i don't have to wait for my "graduation date", but rather when my file is updated, i can have one sent from EC to my board of nursing and then the BON will send me an authorization to take the NCLEX.

    does that help? let me know if you need more info!! there is also a "state board guide to becoming an RN" or something title like that from EC that gives you info on every state BON for you. that may help clear things up too, as it tells you what every state BON requires.
  14. by   singlelife
    Thank you for your words. How about NY? Where can I find out the each state 's policy?