Online LPN to RN or BSN programs

  1. I will be graduating in May with my LPN in Columbus, Ohio. I am looking into online programs to finish my RN or even BSN. I know Indiana State offers an online program for a BSN. My main question is what programs require 6 months (or similar amount) of work experience first?

    I would like to start into a program right away.

    I am very interested in Indiana State, does anyone know anything about that program?

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  3. by   Tweety
    Hi. Good luck.

    I'm moving this to the online/distance learning forum where perhaps you'll get some help. Check out the "stickey's" at the top of the forum. I believe there is one for that program there.
  4. by   lvnandmomx3
    ISU requires that you have an active LVN license but not sure how much experience they require, they did not ask me about that. With the LVN to RN BSN program you need 10 general studies (they need to be finished before applying to nursing program) and 8 co-rec's(concurrent enrollment with nursing program ok). So if you have to do the generals then you can get experience as an LVN while doing them.
  5. by   chaxanmom
    ISU doesn't have any specific requirements as far as experience goes.