need Pathobiology, Bioethics, Therapeutic Nutrition

  1. Does anyone know where I might take these 3 classes via distance ed?

    The course description needs to be similar to the following:

    Intro to Pathobiology: 3 credits. Concepts of pathobiology, to include causes, common mechanisms and manifestations of human disease. Patterns of pathogenesis as related to physiological mechanisms are examined.

    Therapeutic Nutrition: 3 credits. Overview of general nutrition throughout the lifecycle. Emphasis placed on nutritional assessment and intervention for the treatment of specific disease.

    Bioethics: 3 credits. An examination of ethical issues that arise in medical practice and biotechnology. Includes an overview of ethical theories and principles.

    I don't want the whole degree, I'm already in a degree program. I'm trying to speed up the process, or at least front-load my corequisite courses since our program has the summer off.

    Via Excelsior's webpage I found 2 sources for the Bioethics but nothing for the other two. Any other ideas? Thanks much!
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  3. by   kavi
    Back when I was deciding about Excelsior I found some part of their site that listed schools that accepted their classes for credit. I know there were lots and lots.

    Originally, I had planned to take some pre-requisite classes through Michigan's Virtual University. It's a consortium of several Michigan colleges pooling their online courses. Quite a few accepted Excelsior credits (and vice versa).

    I'm not sure which state you are in, but look for online programs along that line at colleges in your State. (I'd check there first because it seems easier to get scholarships or funding from schools in your own state). But then search schools nationwide.

    There's so much changing all the time with online classes. You might even want to do a search along the lines of the course title, distance learning, etc. I would just avoid places that seem to be in the business of selling materials (like Rue) and make sure the school is accredited.

    Another idea, Thomas Edison College (or a name something like that) has a huge directory of online courses linked to their site.

    Good luck!
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  4. by   mona b RN

    Try this link.

    Good Luck

    mona b
  5. by   dijaqrn
    If you are looking for semester courses, Fort Hays has these, pathophys is still open for fall.
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  7. by   SuesquatchRN

    They offer Pathology, but I don't know if you can take it if you are not enrolled in the program.