My EC family.. I interviewed as a RN today - page 2

and got offered the job (not sure I want it though:icon_roll)- that's another story. Anyway, I'm in FL and I was preparing for a debate on my schooling. The question came up and the director said... Read More

  1. by   changeofpaceRN
    I didn't take the job! I didn't feel like I'd fit in there nor did I think I could handle that kind of floor at this time (wasn't even interested in it, but it was fun getting that 1st call). I feel great about the decision too so I guess that's good.. I have another interview on Mon for something I will consider :-)
  2. by   toby4
    Congrats! and good luck
  3. by   SuesquatchRN
    Good going!
  4. by   MauraRN
    Good to hear that Florida has a clue. I will be moving "a tad south of Tampa" in 2.5 years. Meanwhile, Massachusetts has no problem with EC, but none of the local hospitals are hiring new grads ( I am on the lower South Shore/Cape Cod)The big teaching hospitals in Boston require BSN and most say that a BA in another field doesnt count. Hopefully my 3 yrs as LPN gets me in the door. Of course this will be after I pass CPNE on May 10th!!!
  5. by   ladymedik
    I live in SC. I just got my results from the NCLEX Saturday the 25th, interviewed today for a job on a post-surgical floor, and accepted the position, start Monday!!!! I'm lovin life right now:spin::spin::spin: