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Hello everyone, It's great to see a distance /independent learning topic. Currently, I am considering Deaconess School of Nursing. Is there anyone else considering this school? I find I definately... Read More

  1. by   SR9145
    I have been reading some of your statements. I too am the bread winner in my house. this is why i found it difficult to take so many classes and work. i have to work. i feel and my sister agrees with me she's in this with me (a great deal ahead of me) that college network (the publishing company) was a waste of my money. we would have been better off going straight to excelsior. if i could just start passing my test i can do this but it's getting started with passing and learning their test with me. i learn the material. it is so frustrating i have been an lpn since 92' i know my stuff. i have worked of my career in the hospital setting. the first test come to find out was out date. so here i am waiting for an updated book. does anyone know if Lisa has updated her notes and could you send me her address again. i wish they would have a heart and not charge us for this last test but my luck goes they have no heart. gone for now. sue